Monday, November 29, 2010

I love pasta as much as i ♥ Spaghetti.

This Spaghetti was made by Paul's mom. Oh well, Paul's mom cooks so good. I am her big fan. :-). The spaghetti sauce contains mushroom, minced pork, hotdogs and many more. 

And this one is came from Ambers. So cheesy and I also love the meaty and cheesy spaghetti of Ambers.

Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's our 2nd Year Anniversay, we have a dinner in Dulcinea Glorietta last November 23, 2010 to celebrate our 2 years long relationship. =)

While waiting for our order, they served us a very appetizing creamy soup.

Chicken Soup
 And here's the food that we ate during our 2nd year anniversary dinner.

The best-seller SALPICAO

Lengua Estofada

And the best ever...
 equals to mouthwatering...
Churros con Chocolate

We have also the refreshing Tropical Fruit Shake.
Tropical Fruit Shake

The dinner was very good and we didn't miss to burp. We leave the restaurant very satisfied with the luscious food -- Happy and inLove! =)

Spread the LOVE! :')
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Yakap at Halik,


The giant Christmas tree in RCBC Plaza =) 
More pics to post soon.

Jamie and Me on Santa's Hat

Merry Christmas! =)
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Yakap at Halik,


yihee.. got my new MNG pouch =) I have bought this pouch in ebay, and it's really a good buy. So lucky i have won the bidding and got the item for only Php 405 + Php 100 shipping fee.

So let's take a peek with the item.

Sooooo gorgeous.. I will surely use this often and during my weekend escapade. =)

Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am so blessed with the people around me. Here's another proof, an additional items on my kikay kit, GOODY Ouchless Hair Brush. =)

I love the way this brush runs through the tangles. It works great. No more ouches and my hair looks good and no more frizziness. So happy to have and own one. Lucky me :-) Thanks Paul!

Stay beautiful inside and out!  :-)
Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


Me and Paul spent our weekend together, we go to Sunnex Warehouse to buy some baking stuff for Ma'am M, after that we headed to Greenhills to look for some good buys, but that time I was not in the food to go shopping (maybe because i don't have any cash on my pocket and wallet to sustain my shopping spree.. **wink** ). A tired feet caused by a long walked inside Greenhills made us to look for a fine dining setting restaurant to made us feel relax. After an argument on where to it, we landed to Teriyaki Boy Resto (found in Promenade), time to go for Japanese foods. =). 

Here's the foods that we have ordered:

Philly Cheese

BBQ Tori Karaage

Beef Teppanyaki

After a very satisfied and solved dinner we go to chill at Starbucks (oh well, another 2 stickers for my planner =)) to sip coffee and chitchat for a while. 

What a wonderful life I have, I am so blessed!

Always be HAPPY :-)
Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been bored at the office, don't know where to start from the overloaded projects. Haissstt.. I am just loving mySelf more. hehe. =)


Keep Smilin' =)
Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


Friday, November 19, 2010

My Team Lead, Ma'am M have a new hobby which she enjoyed most and also a bonding moment with her daughter, baking. She always bring goodies especially made by her for us to taste and I always take pictures of every delightful inventions Ma'am M had made. She have a really good baking hands to produced a very good brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate cakes.

Chocolatiest Goodies

Chocolate Cupcake sprinkled with Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Cupcake topped with Nips Chocolate and Flower candies.

Chocolate Chips Cupcakes and Banana Cinnamon Cupcakes
Nuts Brownies and Cashew Nuts Brownies

So yummy creations. Ma'am M did a good job on this. =)
Looking forward for more sweet foods to taste.

Happy Sweets Day!!!
Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,


It's been a while since we have visited the Mann Yann Restaurant in The Link. Makati City, near Anson's. The place have renovated already compared to our last visit, this time it can accommodate more people like us who loves to eat in their restaurant.

Mann Yann Restaurant, The Link branch
Mann Yann Restaurant is full that's why we have to wait to have a vacant tables for us. =) But upon waiting we have handed a menu for us to order in advance.

Yang Chow Rice

Lechon Macau

Spicy Shrimp
We have also ordered Crabmeat and Corn Soup, but we canceled because it took longer to serve wherein we were almost done eating. ='(. But despite of this, we still enjoyed the food and we'll surely keep coming back to Mann Yann.

Happy Eating!!!

Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,