Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tango Chocolate - a fine quality Milk chocolate which have almond and cookies. 

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I love CHEESE especially the cheese souffle which is a very cheesy and has a sumptuous taste. Cheese Souffle is a puffy dish of cheese and eggs (whites beaten separately) and white sauce. It is yummy that I can even eat the cheese alone. Most of the sandwiches I ate must have cheese! Yes, It's a MUST for me. =) Oh well, eating cheesy foods is a very good source of protein for me too, since I am not drinking milk regularly. 
cheese souffle

Today, Me and P goes to TRINOMA to eye for a new VANS shoes, unfortunately, they don't have P's shoe size. We walk and walk and walk again to the mall. Window shopping as always and food haunting. ha-ha. We love to eat! He is craving for Mexican food that's why we ate in Taco Bell, We have ordered Mexican Quesadillas which always included on my orders list every time I eat in a Mexican Restaurant. I love quesadillas, it is really  a good booster of my lost appetite. While P ordered 1/4 pound beef burrito.

Mexican Quesadillas

We are on our way home when my sister texted me, and she was begging for a pizza. Aside from pasta, pizza is also Ai's favorite. I also love pizza because of the melted cheese on top. Hmmm.. so cheesy and yummy! I love the  chicken pizza recipe. The blending of chicken, cheese and pizza dough is so delectable. It makes my mouth waters. But since it is not available in Yellow Cab, i just ordered Manhattan Meat Lovers for her.

Chicken Pizza

That's it for this day. So tiring and yet happy. Another bonding moment with my love P and Happiness for Ai for her take home pizza.

Be Cheesy as Always!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday and I am happy to have a no-stress day for the week! yey...

Jamie's Food -- fish, bacon, and Nissin Sea Food Cup Noodles

Ate Pi's food - Sarsiadong Tilapia
Mine's food -- 1-pc Hot and Crispy Chicken from KFC and Lucky Me Pancit Canton - sweet and spicy
That's all for this day! 
Happy weekend =) !

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I am a coffee drinker since I have tasted the Nescafé Gold Coffee, which I also posted here. Every day, before I start the office works, my coffee buddy Ate Pi and me, will make a cup of coffee that made us hyper active on our shift.

A cup of Nescafé Gold Coffee and Café France Coffee Bun

This is a super good combination! It keeps me awake and active throughout the day.
A cup of coffee is totally makes a difference on your daily routine.

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Last year's Black Friday Sale has been a phenomenon to us -- office mates. Everyone was surfing to Amazon to look for totally awesome sale items. We used the POBOX service to save for shipping cost from California to Philippines. We only pay $50 dollars for our box which divided into 8 people, so it was a great savings! 
The box has been shipped last December 24, 2010, after 30 days it will be delivered to our doorstep. To receive the box because we were not yet in the office and also a gate pass is required by the RCBC Management because it was a huge box. After some talks and arguments with Forex Courier, finally they re-delivered the box yesterday. We’re so happy and excited to see the Goodies inside the box which we shopped online. Happiness!

The Big POBOX Box

Box contains 5 Seagate HardDisk 2TB, 4 Ipod Dock, 1 Eneloop Battery and 1 Ed Hardy Bag

One of the four Ipod Dock

2TB Seagate External Harddisk

Ed Hardy Satchel Bag
We are now planning for a second box. Ha-ha.

Happy Shopping!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, i don't have a packed lunch with me, because I leave the house early because of the SSS Id Capture Schedule at 7:00-8:00am. I woke up early as 5:00am for me not to be late to the scheduled time and to be on first 50 persons in line. Thanks God! I did it. I was No. 5 then, that's why I don't have to wait that long to proceed with the ID Capturing.

Here's my food and P food because he also with me throughout my shift here in the office. =) He just missed me that's why he's here. ♥ ♥ ♥ As I've said I don't have a packed lunch so we just go to the nearby fast food chain for the rescue of our hunger.


Double Down

Macaroni Salad

Not so healthy foods but then we were satisfied of what we ate and fulfilled our hunger needs. I always go for their steak, because I love the steak sauce which i didn't capture for the above photo. =(.

More foods to come!

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