Watch Collection | XoXo and Ninewest

Another good start of the year, additional two watches for my collections -- XoXo and Ninewest. Oh my! this is so much LOVE! =)

Here's my new members of my watch collections!

XoXo and Ninewest watches in a box


Ninewest in a box

Red - love the color ♥ ♥ ♥

For now, I am so much filled with happiness. More Love to come throughout the year. 
Thanks for all the blessings! More to Come. teehee  =) 
Happy New Year!

Till Next Time,


I love the red watch, super nice! Btw, re thathion I buy mine sa beautyquotient. multiply . Fail talaga yung mosbeau!:-)
torturedapple said…
how much bili mo sa red watch? super nice? wala ba white nyan? hehe
AyLin said…
@ MINAKICHU thanks! I'll try tathione 307! =)

@ torturedapple sa amazon co siya binili nung blackfriday=) $28 lang.