Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pizza Hut Bistro!

I am a regular customer of Pizza Hut Bistro ever since I have tasted their paella. So far, I am still good with their paella. =)


Fettucine Ala King

Choco Malt

Fruity Fizz

Oops, I will be not posting blog entry for about 5 days because I am in Cebu on April 13-14 and Bohol on April 15-17 to have some fun and spend summer vacation. When I get back, I will be sharing to all my dearest about my summer getaway and hopefully some summer outfit post.

P.S. Finally, our second box have arrived. Shoes and Accessories that I bought online from Forever21 are so cute; I will also post them when I come back. I also bought an Obagi Nuderm SPF 35, perfect for summer.

Till Next Time,


Michelle said...

Choco Malt looks awesome!!!

yash said...

choco malt, means beer? ha ha!

aylin said...

parang MILO lang! =)

aylin said...

haha.. Ate Yash, no beer na! kelangang lumiit ang tyan! =)

[pinkc00kies] said...

love the aglio olio