Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yellow Flowers, so lovely.

Way back in elementary and high school days I am a fan of color yellow. Everything in yellow, because for me yellow will lighten my day, gives me energy and good vibes. Well, until now I still love them. I am still in-love with its vibrant color especially this summer season.

These flower arrangements were from P’s best friend wedding reception in The Lakeshore, Mexico Pampanga. I love the way it was styled and arranged. It was very fantastic.

In addition to that, I wanted to share my FOTD and OOTD for that day. It was my first time to put make up by myself because I am not into it and I am not fond of wearing makeup every day. Moreover, a poor attempt to capture an outfit of the day.  Ha-ha.

Have a nice day!
Till Next Time,


Michelle said...

I love how you styled your outfit! :)

aylin0315 said...

Hi Mich, thanks so much! =)

Ms. Eggplant said...

you look so pretty :)

aylin said...

Thanks Ms. Eggplant! *blush*

Marbigail_lardizabal said...

hi aylin,

You look good. nag iwan din pala ko ng msg sa friendster mo.

Ann said...

you look gorgeous dear ! love the outfit! :D

aylin said...

Thanks dear Ann! =)