Friday, September 30, 2011

Before anything else, I would like to let you know that Orange Magazine TV, is the top and cool Philippine-based online magazine. It was formally launched in July 2010 and re-launched last Saturday, September 24, 2011 held at Gweilos Bar in SM MOA. I was so happy and lucky to witnessed a super fun re-launched. Lots of prices were given away wherein everybody did not left with an empty hands and had something to brought home. Moreover, Orange Magazine TV is the brainchild of Jessie Bunyi Villanueva a.k.a. JEMAN, an avid magazine collector who previously worked as tabloid correspondent and as an Events, Media and Promotions Coordinator for a couple of print magazine publications. Aside from Jeman, Mhel Ignacio of Certified Foodies is the web administrator and co-editor, together with Nonoy Florecsa as the Marketing Consultant. You can read more information and details here.

The Place – Gweilos Bar!

Gweilos bar was a perfect place to gather people that wants to organize an event and have some party at the same time. The ambiance was cozy, posh and the service was awesome, the music beats that make people jump on their seats and to party. With this kind of ambiance, I‘ll absolutely recommend it to my friends for one of a kind party bar.

The Food

The foods served to us was also catered by Gweilos Bar and I am grateful to say that the foods were delicious, tasteful, and sumptuous which made me full. So better look to the photos below for mouth watering delights.
Plate of Mine ^-^

The People

I already meet some folks that I've been to, but on the re-launched, most of them were new faces. It’s a wonderful feeling to meet new people that always a place in my heart. We talked about our blogs, share our creativities and to learn new things from them. And I wish that this will be the good start of our wonderful friendship.
Renan, Ia and Tonette
Jeman and Marjorie
Our lucky charm - Mommy Donna
I want to say many thanks to the man behind Orange Magazine TV, who happens to celebrate his birthday during the event, what a hardowning, talented and approachable guy – JEMAN! Thanks for the FUNNY experience that was truly worth sharing to everyone! May God Bless you always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lastly, I know everybody wanted FRESH MUSIC and MOVIE Reviews, FRESH EVENTS Coverage, FRESH ARTIST Interviews and anything about FRESH Information, so better visit ORANGE MAGAZINE TV because they never fail to deliver an “as fresh as Orange” scoop.

 Congratulations Guys and More Power! 


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Everyone! Appetite Magazine has something for us, because they will be celebrating their Anniversary this October, Appetite Magazine will be holding a yearly event, Appetite Restaurant Festival, which will be launch at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall on October 13, 2011. In addition to that, they have an on-going promo on which they will be giving away an EXCLUSIVE INVITE for TWO for the top three photos that will be posted on Appetite's Facebook Wall.

I just joined and here are the steps that I did:
              Post this photo on their wall. (Download the below photo, just right-click the image then click “Save Image As”)
            Appetite’s Facebook:

        ◊ Then as a description or title, kindly put “I WANT TO GO TO THE APPETITE RESTAURANT FESIVAL!
        ◊ Let your friends know it and ask or invite them to “LIKE” it!

An easy mechanics for a fabulous eating experience, plus, special dishes will be created just for that event! So JOIN Now!

Things to remember:
       ◊ Only one post per participant is allowed.
       ◊  The three (3) participants whose post got the most likes by October 12, on or before 5pm, will be declared the winners.
           Each winner will receive exclusive access/invites for two (2) to the Appetite Restaurant Festival launch on October 13.
       ◊  In case of a tie, the participant who first accumulates points based on the time stamp of likes will be declared the winner.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One of my favourite crackers is Combos Cheddar Cheese. I just love every pieces of it, so cheesy crackers that has a quite salty taste after. [It’s not nakakasawa or nakaumay. ^-^] I wish I can go back to Duty Free now and hoard all the Combos Cheddar Cheese Cracker. *wishful thinking* But, what I can do now is to save, save, save, and save more moolah to prepare for my hoarding soon. 

How about you dear, do you like it, too?


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Random photos of the food I ate last week - yummy and sumptous!
Start the week right! Have a good vibes!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Italian Bread with Parmesan Cheese
Penne in Napolitana Sauce (Php 280)
Penne in Pesto Roma (Php 280)
Blueberry Sticks (Php 35) | Raspberry dipped in Chocolate (Php 35) | Dipped Cheddar Bite (Php 35) | Cookie Dough Bite (Php 25)
Solid Barrel and Floral Heart Dark Chocolates (Php 30/each)
Our table - the glass in yellow was a Mango Tango Shake (Php 180) and the other one that looks like a beer was an Apple Juice (Php 95).
The Table's Flower Vase.
Keep in mind of this note. ^-^
Picturesque view from Chocolate Fire's 2nd floor window.
Stairway to Chocolate Fire's haven - the second floor.
What a lovely restroom! I love this unique Idea of telling lady's and gentleman's comfort room.
***This post only contains foods and chocolates that we have eaten in Chocolate Fire, Makati. Let the photos indulge your cravings for chocolates and pasta that we have ordered. Photos also describe how scrumptious Chocolate Fire is. The place is so romantic, there are vintage photographs, and a lot more – I will just describe it cozy, romantic, and sweet. Everything is beyond my expectation. A fabulous experienced in a great café atmosphere. ***

Chocolate Fire | Makati Branch
PDCP Bank Centre,
Corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street, Salcedo Village
1227 Makati City

Phone: +632 840 FIRE(3473) or after office hours +632 840 0808
For Reservations: 09282826527

Operation Hours
Monday to Thursday (7:30am – 12:00am)
Friday (7:30am – 2:00am)
Saturday (11:00am – 2:00am)
Sunday (4:00pm – 11:00pm)


Monday, September 12, 2011

As part of my shopping escapade on Duty Free Philippines last Friday, I also bought this Nescafe GOLD Coffee for only $27.99. Six bottles of Nescafe GOLD plus a freebie, yes it is six bottles I already gave the other two that's why in the photo it only shows four. I so love it, well, I am not a fan of coffee, but Nescafe Gold and Taster's Choice made their exceptions. I super love it!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Having cakes on the go is a mess because it will be gross if you spill the cake on your shirt. But not nowadays, because Starbucks created their new delectable treat for us – the CAKE POP. The Cake Pop, a delicious, whimsical and fun cake on a stick. For the sweet tooth out there like me, here’s our new dessert that we can eat on the go. 
The flavours only differ on the outer shelf and all of them have a mud cake on the inner part. Moist, sumptuous and soooo yummy!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Story # 1 | RETREAT

Love Story # 2 | TRAIN

Love Story # 3 | MASQUERADE

Love story that most of us can relate. I can still remember how P and I fall in-love day by day and the feeling is unexplainable, happiness indeed! 

Okay, without further ado, in order for you to win an iPAD 2, you have to VOTE the Love Story you’d like here. Easy mechanics, just vote and voila... *drum roll* an Ipad 2 could be yours. You can also simply click the caption on each Love Story Video and you will be redirected to the voting page, voting is as simple as liking the chosen story in facebook [Facebook "LIKE" button]. What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW! I already cast my vote so kindly do your part and be in-love always. Voting period is until September 12, 2011.


I went to Duty Free Philippines earlier and here are some of the snacks and delectable foods and drinks that I’ve bought. 
The dollar exchange rate to peso was down to Php 42.45, that’s why I had lots of goodies to taste, to try and to mingle. By the way, I also bought my firsts pairs of Havaianas that I blogged here

Happy Weekend!