Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In celebration of Appetite’s 7th Anniversary this month of October, Appetite Magazine brings back the most delicious event of the year—the Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011! Together with Shangri-La Plaza and MasterCard, Appetite presents a unique dining experience where you can let your taste buds travel all over the world, all in one fabulous place. Foodies can indulge in international cuisines from different restaurants for irresistibly affordable prices! And I am so lucky to be invited and have explored the food all over the world. A really great food experience!

From October 14 to November 30, 2011, participating restaurants at Shangri-La Plaza will offer specially-created Appetite Menus with an appetizer, entrées and dessert all for under P1000! Check out all the appetizing and mouth-watering meals carefully put together by Café Provencal, Claw Daddy, Cravings, Crustasia, Cyma, C2, Green Tomato, Lemongrass, Pages Deli, Pepper Lunch, Pho Hoa, Secret Recipe and Sing Hainanese Chicken! Enjoy your staple favorites and discover even more delightful dishes with flavors from all over the world. Satisfy your craving for Western cuisine or Eastern delights from the exciting range of restaurants in the Appetite Restaurant Festival.

Diners can also avail of additional free treats in C2, Claw Daddy, Green Tomato, Lemongrass, Pages Deli, Pho Hoa and Secret Recipe by presenting a coupon from the November issue of Appetite Magazine when they buy the Appetite Menu in those restaurants. So grab your copy now and enjoy these sumptuous treats from the participating restaurant.
These 13 Restaurants offer a one-of-a-kind menus that really boost your appetite.

C2 – P500
Ensaladang Prutas at Lato
Seared Tilapia with Coconut Emulsion
Pork Humba
Durian Brulee
Café Provencal – P500
French Onion Gratinee
Grilled Chicken Provencal
Apple Tart Tartin

Claw Daddy – P699
Buffalo Wings
Choice of : Smoked BBQ Chicken Quarter and Bbq Baby backribs with dirty rice OR BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Fish and Chips
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy bar

Cravings – P500
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy bar
Chicken Ala Pobre
Baked Fish in Olive Oil
Mango Cream Crepe

Crustacia – P798
The Grand Javanese Sampler
Steamed Fish Fillets with Black Bean Tapenade
Hunan Cumin Ribs
Indonesian Banana and Caramel Crepes

Cyma – P500
Kalamarakia (served with Tzatziki)
Chicken Souvlaki served with: parsley salad and pita
Moussaka served with roasted potatoes
Yiaourti Me Meli

Green Tomato – P600
Spinach Dumpling
Sausage and Shrimp Pasta
Four Cheese Pizza

Lemongrass – P500
California Maki
Lemon Chicken Fillet with Tangy Sauce served with Garlic Rice
Pork BBQ in Skewers
Thai Tago with Water Chesnut

Pages Deli – P500 (Set A and Set B)
Set A
Crunchy Chicken Breast with Mango and Papaya
Animal Farm (Turkey with Bacon Sandwich)
Chocolate Mousse

Set B
Mushroom or Tomato Soup
The New York Times Bestseller  Sandwich (Signature Triple Decker)

Pepper Lunch – P500
Miso Soup
Cut Steak and Burger (served in one hot plate with mixed pepper rice)
Kuromitsu Ice Cream

Pho Hoa – P500
Fresh Spring Rolls
Com Thit Nuong Cha Guio (Grilled Pork and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice)
Mango Crepe with Ice Cream

Secret Recipe – P500
Minestrone Soup
Tom Yum Spaghetti
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken
Chocolate Indulgence

Sing Hainanese Chicken – P500
Green Vegetables and Oyster Sauce
Fish Cakes
Hainanese Chicken
Coco Pandan

This year’s Appetite Restaurant Festival is better than ever, as the magazine celebrates a great year with a new editorial board (headed by editor-in-chief Nina Daza-Puyat), a Philippine Webby Award for their website and a nomination for Best Family-Oriented Magazine by the Catholic Mass Media Awards. So many reasons to celebrate, and so much Appetite menus to be enjoyed in the Appetite Restaurant Festival. Happy eating!
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fitting in time to cook at home can be difficult. Hardly anyone has time to find recipes, prepare ingredients, prepare meals, set the dinner table, and clean up the kitchen after dinner. Preparing a delicious, hot meal, even if you use easy dinner recipes, can be a challenge. If you work eight to ten hour days and have some children, the amount of time you have to prepare meals is even more limited. Going through the drive-through at a fast food restaurant after your son’s basketball game can seem a lot more manageable than preparing a hot meal at home and then having to spend time getting your children prepared for bed. However, eating out is not always affordable or healthy. Fortunately, there are methods to eat at home without doing a whole lot of additional work. Here’s some food for thought to help you cook delectable dinners in a short amount of time with hardly any effort.

Get Some Gadgets to Make Life Easier

First, get yourself a crock-pot, if you do not have one already. A crock-pot does all the work for you while you are busy at work. Just toss in a roast, a couple of veggies, and your favorite sauce in the a.m. When you arrive back home from your long day at work, a fabulous tasting stew will be ready for dinner. Another ideal kitchen gadget for busy families is the panini grill. Get the family together, and you can all make your favorite type of sandwich. Once you are all finished, just throw your sandwiches on the panini grill. In a matter of minutes, you will have transformed ordinary sandwiches into piping hot, delightful meals.

Have a Steady Stream of Ingredients at Your Disposal

Quite a few families love eating hamburgers and macaroni and cheese. If your family loves these simple, hearty meals, you should keep the ingredients to make them on hand. Thankfully, hamburgers and macaroni and cheese do not call for many ingredients to prepare. To cook up some delicious macaroni and cheese, make a cheese sauce on the stove with simple ingredients like milk, butter, cheese, and flour. Then mix the sauce and your pasta together. It’s that easy! You simply need some hamburger buns and ground beef or hamburger patties to make hamburgers your family will love. Cook your hamburgers on the grill in the backyard or pop them into the oven. Add condiments or some slices of whatever kind of cheese you like.

Even if you don’t prepare hamburgers every week, it’s a good idea to consistently store ground beef in your fridge. Plenty of other dishes can be made with ground beef, including pasta with meat sauce, stroganoff, and meatballs.

If you have made the decision to cook dinners at home for your family, make your job as a chef easier. Buy some appliances that will make cooking fast and easy, and make sure you always have the food products you need to make your family’s favorites. If you do these things, you’ll definitely question why you ever believed cooking was such a hassle!  - Brett H, a guest post writer on the subjects of healthy eating, living, and lifestyles.

Thanks Brett for writing this informative post!
Happy Sunday Everyone!


Friday, October 21, 2011

“Red Box is just as much about music as it is about sharing and celebrating. It’s been the venue for birthdays, reunions and even wedding proposals. We have grown to become a destination that is recognized for being a place for shared celebrations and we want to continue to be recognized that way by evolving our offerings to make it more relevant to our market,” shares Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box.

“Apart from having the widest selection of songs, we are also known for our ala carte and buffet offerings. It’s rare for a music destination to put this much focus on food, but being a place for shared celebrations, it has always been an integral part of what Red Box has to offer,” he adds.

Introducing Sushi Samba
With the intent of bringing the best of what the world has to offer in terms of experience and flavor into one destination, Red Box is now adding their Sushi Samba collection to add to their list of gourmet selections.

The menu says it’s the craziest, tastiest sushi rolls in town—and indeed it is. In an era where sushi bars in cosmopolitan cities across the globe have become the dining destination du jour, Red Box now brings the same experience to the country by combining the best of Japanese cuisine with their brand of creativity, fun and youthfulness.

“Think of your basic California maki,” Chu explains. “It took the classic sushi roll and adapted it to the American palate. It’s essentially what we’re doing here. We’ve diversified the classic sushi roll in such a way that makes it bigger, younger and more fun.”

Conceptualized by a Japanese trained sushi chef, the rolls are notable for using only sushi-grade ingredients and for being able to creatively satiate the diverse palates of Red Box patrons.

“The menu is initially available in our newest branch in Eastwood, but you can certainly expect that we will be rolling it out in our Greenbelt and Cebu branches soon,” he adds. “Because when it comes to food, Red Box knows that creativity, diversity and size does matter.”
Invading the radio stations and music televisions, Katy Perry’s “Firework” is also the name of Sushi Samba’s scrumptiously deep fried roll made with shrimp tempura, kani, tobiko, combined with anago aburi sauce.
Kung Fu Fighter
Carl Douglas has popularized this song way back in 1974 and Sushi Samba brings back the classic beat with their very own “Kung Fu Fighter”—a delicious roll that daringly combines salmon, ikura, and shrimp tempura.
La Isla Bonita
It’s forever summer with this roll named after Madonna’s hit, "La Isla Bonita," which is made with an enticing combination of tobiko, avocado, kani, itokagi flakes, and salmon skin.
Beyonce’s Bootylicious may be out of the charts but Sushilicious is definitely in—the Sushi Samba’s menu. This luscious roll is specially made with salmon, unagi, avocado, shrimp tempura, and topped with melted cheese.
The Way You Make Me Eel
Entice your palate with the delectable combination of unagi, mango, kani and anago sauce that will leave singing to the sweet tune of Michael Jackson’s classic hit, “The Way You Make Me Eel
Walking on Sunshine
A delicious combination of savory shrimp tempura and tobiko with aburi sauce complemented by the addition of tangy mango gives Walking on Sunshine—Sushi Samba’s best selling roll—a dose of sunshine.

Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll is open from Mondays to Sundays. 
For inquiries and reservations, kindly see telephone numbers listed below:
7576188 (Greenbelt )
3557921 (Eastwood)
(032) 4171675 ( Cebu )
Red Box Star 9018833 (Trinoma)

For other announcements, visit and like the Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll official Facebook page at

Have a Great Weekend Ahead!


Looks like sushi and maki, right? But these are not sushi and maki, sweetie. These are delicately hand rolled cakes formed to look like sushi and maki, with truffle and Belgian chocolate. These desserts are unique compared to the other cupcakes plus, they are totally healthy mainly because these yummy and delectable goodies are tea-infused, some of them are flourless, they are not that sweet, and last but not the least, they have many extraordinary flavors to choose from that only My Pink Wasabi offers. My Pink Wasabi, a Japanese-inspired dessert. I must say that, its spoonful taste is worthy for its price. Once you started to eat these mouthful desserts you can’t help it to taste more, more and more.  

Thanks Gawd, It’s FRIDAY!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Condiments: vinegar | soy sauce | and calamansi with chili
ensaladang mangga
baked tahong
buttered shrimp
sinigang sa miso na tanigue

I love seafood so much and they are one of my comfort foods! That’s why, I am looking forward to eat comfort foods at least once a month as a reward for being such a hard-working. *ahem* My friend S, P and I, filed a VL just to the have time to eat seafood from Dampa in MOA Seaside. Moreover, when we crave for Dampa, our favourite restaurant is the Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House, because the ambiance is relaxing, the service is good and the staffs are so friendly, a very affordable cooking charge is a big plus! The three of us had finished ½ kilos of Shrimp (my favourite!), ½ kilos of Tahong and ½ kilos of Tanigue plus Ensaladang Mangga. A tasteful and flavourful meal for us!

So, if you want to taste delicious authentic Fresh Seafood dishes and experience a comfortable ambiance and rewarding services, I would recommend Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House.

How about you, sweetie, do you love seafood, too?
And upon writing this, I am craving for Buttered Shrimp. I want it now!

Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House | SM MOA Seaside
Unit 10 Bldg., J San Miguel Strip by the Bay,
Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel No.:  (63)2 710 2194
Fax No.: (63)2 829 0702
Mobile No.:  09202314342

Happy Monday!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

I was playing with my new camera Nikon D5100. I am so excited to learn photography so that I can capture more enticing food photos. By the way, I apologize that Bubbly Fluffy have been in hiatus. Moving forward, I’ll challenge myself to post at least three to four times a week.

Meanwhile, If you going to raid my bag, you would see TicTac! It’s one of the many things my bag can’t live without. Well, TicTac is my buddy whenever I am bored, sleepy, wanted to freshen up my breath, and just by doing nothing.

Have A Nice Day Ahead!