Sunday, March 25, 2012

BubblyFluffy headed to The Fort for another foodie escapade. I know what is in your mind is that The Fort is known for having a high-end restaurant and bar. But lemme share you the restaurant I visited that was so cheap but with superb food. And yes, it is located in The Fort.

Floring’s BBQ and Grill is catering a Filipino food. They have a variety of food selections; they have fish, vegies, pork, chicken, and seafood. So, if you’re longing for a Filipino authentic food and “lutong-bahay” food, Floring’s is always there to satisfy your cravings. To those who wonder where “Floring” came from, well, it is the name of the owner’s Chef Florabel Co-Yatco and Ricky Laudico.

Let’s start with the Food Adventure.
Pork Bbq. For only P99, you will enjoy this sumptuous porky-licious bbq paired with unlimited plain rice. For P120, this flavorful pork bbq can be paired with unlimited java rice. Cheap, huh?! Yes it is!
The Roasted Grilled Chicken (Lechong Manok). A very juicy-licious chicken in every bite and if I will buy lechong manok everytime my family crave for, I will surely go to Floring’s.
Chicken Diablo (Fried Chicken). A very succulent taste and hell-of-good yummy chicken of Floring’sand this one is one of my favorite. The chicken meat was so tender and flavorful. I even ate it without the sauce.
Pork Sisig. Oh.. la.. la.. Ha-ha. Beer please! Ha-ha. This porky-licious sisig was so good. The moment I tasted it, it was really awesome. Well, I highly recommend this to my friend who loves sisig. They have to try this and I know they definitely agreed on me. By the way, they also serve beers. So, Floring’s can be also a good hideout for barkada bonding.
Ensaladang Talong. Yes, Filipino Restaurant is incomplete without ensaladang Talong and Floring’s have it.
Halo-halo. Just in time for summer. Floring’s halo-halo is simply the best, plus the cheese.Nom.. nom.. nom...
And of course, one way I look for a restaurant is having a relaxing ambiance. Floring’s have it. The beautiful artwork painted on the wall is so nice and give a vibrant aura. The ceilings are so nice and such a cozy place.
yours truly with Chef Florabel
My verdict: I surely come back to taste some more. My next target is to taste their seafood. The food was so amazing and the price was so affordable. But if you are coming at lunch time be ready because there are a lot of people coming during that time. However, Floring’s can accommodate 120 people. The food and the ambiance was so relaxing and inviting.

Floring's Bbq & Grill
Unit 2., 31st St. cor 4th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
 Store Hours: 10:00 am-11:00 pm


Monday, March 19, 2012

Whenever I need some sweets, Krispy Kreme is always on the rescue. I’ve been a fan of Krispy Kreme for a long time and it never fails to surprise me as always because, they are always have something new to offer to its patron. Recently, another yummy innovation were launched to the public and as a fan, it’s a MUST to try it.
Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations. I already tried most of the flavors but I always forgot to take photo first before eating. I just can't help it, but eat right then. Ha-ha.
And then, last Saturday, March 17, 2012, I got an invite from GMCI and of course I said YES. It’s been a pleasure to be invited to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Krispy Kreme at the new store in the South. Krispy Kreme is on the move to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their favorite treat. And this time, South of Metro takes center stage as the much-loved doughnut and coffee brand debuts its first store in Alabang -- just in time for its 75th birthday. 
True to the brand's spirit of gratitude to all those who continues to support all their endeavors, Krispy Kreme continues to expand its reach in the name of satisfying the palates of doughnut and coffee aficionados across the country.

Some of the Krispy Kreme's Doughnuts.
Located at The Street, the center’s new wing, the new Krispy Kreme store is the latest addition to the dynamic mix of retail and dining establishments in Corte delas Palmas and is nestled amidst other high-end food and clothing establishments.
As a “Baked Creations Theater,” the new Krispy Kreme store in Alabang Town Center is the first in Metro Manila that serves the brand’s signature Baked Creations fresh from the oven, everyday. In addition, it will also dish up Krispy Kreme’s full line of premium treats including its world-famous Original Glazed Doughnuts and Signature Coffee. 

Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center opens its doors everyday at 7 in the morning and stays open until 11 in the evening -- giving everyone plenty of time to drop by and grab their favorite treats before they head home from work or school.
Happy 75th Birthday Krispy Kreme and Congratulations!

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Feel Like You’re ‘Walking on Sunshine’ with McFloat Summer Medley. The summer is really here because we already feel its hotness and there’s no better way to enjoy it that having a cool soundtrack that you can sing along with your friends. Well, my one way of refreshment is just to go to any McDonald’s and buy a McFloat. Voila! Refreshed!
Meanwhile, McDonald’s is offering a refreshing symphony of flavors perfect for your barkada bonding moments with the new McFloat Summer Medley—featuring four new McFloat variants and McDonald’s newest brand ambassador Xian Lim.
The new TVC of McDonald’s featuring the newest brand ambassador Xian Lim.
The four new exciting flavors of McFloat Summer Medley are Blueberry Sprite, Green Apple, Four Seasons Sprite, and Honey Banana. These new flavors are available in two sizes – Regular (P29) and Monster (P45). Furthermore, the classic Coke McFloat is still available at only P25 for Regular and P40 for Monster Size.  For only P50, customers can get a Regular Coke McFloat with Medium Fries. While for P55, you can pair up your Medium Fries with any of the four new regular-size McFloat flavors. Totally fit for epic summer hangouts and even road trips!
Four Seasons Sprite McFloat
Blueberry Sprite McFloat
And before I ended my post, here’s a video of Xian Lim singing “Walking on Sunshine” during the TVC launched held at McDonald’s El Pueblo branch last Saturday, March 17, 2012.
McFloat Summer Medley is available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide, whether dine-in take-out or drive-thru. You can also dial McDelivery 8-6236 or visit  to enjoy the McFloat Summer Medley anytime, anywhere. So hurry, text, BBM or call your friends and head to the coolest hangout place this summer – McDonald’s!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Susy and Geno together. Sustagen! Yes, they were the two mascots that give me joy whenever I saw them on TV Commercial when I was still a kid. But now, that I am still a kid-at-heart, it is good to see that two lovable individual are back and being together.
Susy & Geno
We’ve seen how patiently searching Susy have been for the last few weeks. And after, all the hardships and of course from the help of many people Susy finally found Geno. Susy and Geno, once again, REUNITED!
And last Sunday, March 11, 2012 at the Market Market Activity Center, I was so happy and lucky to witness their comeback being together. It was the first public appearance in many years for the faces of Sustagen milk in the 80s and 90s, who disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge two decades later, starting with Susy’s return last February. Only then would we find out that she and Geno had actually lost touch through the years.They also performed a dance number and ohhh.. Geno kissed Susy.. So Sweet! ♥
Susy arrived first, toting an album she made for Geno containing photos posted by her fans on her fanpage. She was easily spotted by the Market! Market! crowd, though, and was swarmed by well-wishers wherever she would go. A good number of media people were also on hand to cover the momentous event. In fact, it was during one reporter’s interview with Susy that Geno made his grand entrance.
D'Solid Susy & Geno Fans Club
Kids in the 80's and 90's.

They’re so cute! Hmmm.. My heart filled with so much joy and happiness to see them together! Love being a kid again. It was a day that left many misty-eyed with countless happy memories revived—all thanks to Susy, who initially just wanted to see her friend Geno again.

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Yesterday, the “Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang” Bloggers’Conference was held at Baang Coffee Shop located at 258 Tomas Morato Ave. corner Scout Fernandez, Quezon City. And these were the foods served to us.
Baang Coffee
Pasta. The presentation was awesome. They had these fried pasta twisted on top that adds a little drama to the plating. The taste was like a Filipino Old-Style Spaghetti, which has a sweet taste but the meat balls were so dry though.
Baang's Pasta
Baang's Pasta
Fries and Burger. Ohh.. sooo love this! The burger’s patty was grilled and way too heavy. The french fries was also good.
Baang's Fries and Burger
That’s it! I am looking forward to update BubblyFluffy atleast three times a week. Maybe, I just can post what I have eaten for the day just like the old days. What you think? Oops.. before I ended this post I wanna share you guys this cute painting on Baang’s wall.
Baang's Painted Wall

Happy Wednesday!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who is the modern day Filipino hero?
He’s no Andres Bonifacio nor is he a Jose Rizal. But even without a sword, a gun or a pen, his sacrifice for the country is no less valiant. After all, he carries the aspirations of his family and the country’s economic security on his back.

Aptly called as the modern day hero, these 11 million overseas Filipino workers have earned the trust and admiration of employers all over the world. Something we as their countrymen should all be proud of. With this reason, the Commission of Filipinos Overseas, Duty Free Philippines, and Kraft Asia pay tribute to the Global Pinoys that have showed excellence not only in their careers, but also in the initiatives to help their fellowmen in the country, through the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards.

The Thank You Global Pinoy Awards is an initiative to search for the most outstanding global Filipino workers who deserve the gratitude not only of their loved ones; but also of the nation as a whole. It was primarily led by the Commission of Filipinos Overseas, the government agency tasked to promote and uphold the interests of Filipino emigrants and permanent residents abroad. The online nominations ran from October 2011 to February 2012, and 10 outstanding overseas Filipino workers have been chosen and will be announced during the Awards Night on March 15, 2012.

The Thank You Global Pinoy Awards is our way of saying thank you, and giving recognition to Global Pinoys. We are proud to announce the names of the individuals, who have shown their outstanding contributions to both their employer, and their country,” says Imelda Nicolas, CFO Chairperson.

“In its tradition of being the thank you and pasalubong chocolate from overseas Filipinos, Toblerone has initiated this project in order to give back, and give each and every Global Pinoy what they truly deserve—a sweet thank you,” shares Jaya Singh, Region Director, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Kraft Foods World Travel Retail.

Be part of a grateful nation. Join the rest of the country as it honors the ultimate global Pinoy, whom a grateful nation will say a resounding thank you to. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey yah foodies! I’ve tried another food adventure wherein I was able to try different cuisines and best dishes of the 14 restuarants around Venice Piazza. Yeah, you read it right guys and gals, I gotta taste hearty and tasteful meals from different restaurants. A Sumptous Food Adventure at Venice Piazza!
A food Adventure is an on-going promo in Venice Piazza that started last January 7 and runs until March 31, 2012. Food Adventurers are required to have a passport and a wristband to gain access to the food samplers from the 14 participating restaurants. Passport and Wristband is available for only P600, which I found as a very good deal and worthy.
Here are some photos of the foods I have eaten. A very good pigout session for every barkada or even with your loved ones. Imagine, a whole eating with your love and friends could be a great moment worth keeping.
Meanwhile, the Food Adventure Tour happens every Saturday from 4pm-9pm. The passport may be availed only on the weekend it was purchased. Like for example, if you purchased on Sunday, you may continue the adventure the following Saturday. And aside from that, You can also avail freebies and discounts by just presenting your passport to the participating restaurants and have the restuarant manager sign on your passpport.

Here are the list of the participating restaurants in theFood Adventure Tour plus the food they are offering.
1. Blackwood Bistro | Penne Putanesca
2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf | 8oz Tea Latte (hot) (choice of Chai, English Breakfast, Matcha Green Tea, Tropical Passion, Apple Pie, Moroccan Mint)
3. Empire Deli & Restaurant | Grilled Tuna or Empire Signature Salad
4. Figaro | 8oz Brewed Coffee or 12oz Iced Coffee
5. KBOP | Seafood and Vegetable Pancake or Chapchae (Glass Noodles)
6. Kuse | Lechong Kawali or Spicy Chicken Relleno
7. Little Asia | Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Shrimp Curls with Mango Dip
8. Old Vine Grille | Grilled Fish Fillet in Lemon butter Sauce or Chicken BBQ with Fries and Red Beans
9. Pho Hoa | Pomelo Salad
10. Pinchos Restaurant and Bar | Duo of Buffalo Chicken Fillet with Chips and Salsa
11. Ramen Bar | Karaage and Kakune Buns
12. Red Crab Alimango House | Fried Stuffed Beancurd with Crab Relleno served with Garlic Chili Sauce or Dory Fillet Served with Honey Mustard Sauce
13. Sol Gelato | Choose any two gelato flavors
14. Yo Swirls | Original Mango or Vanilla Chocolate Yoghurt

Shocks, I am craving for these foos as I am writing this entry. And now, I am hungry!
To those who want to try thisFood Adventure, you may buy passport every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 10:00PM at the Eastwood Mail Concierge Venice Piazza Atrium (Entrance).Kindly take note that, the passport is for one person only however it can be transferred to another person but not on the same day and sharing of meals is strictly a big NO-NO.

Be a Food Adventurer. Happy Eating.