Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My friend S, boyfie and I loves to eat shawarma and most of the time we’re just hanging around looking for something to nosh up, yes the three of us. Going back to shawarma, as we all know, the usual shawarma is a meat preparation, where lambs, goat, chicken, turkey, beef or mixed meats are placed on a vertical spit, and maybe grilled for as long as a day or until it was totally sold out. However, truly there is always an exception on every rule. Because Mazza Shawarma does have the not-so-usual shawarma setting (the one with the spit) but the taste was great and exceptional!
Mazza Shawarma
Located at the Hampton Gardens Arcade along C. Raymundo Avenue, Maybunga, Pasig City, Mazza Shawarma gives a taste that you will surely miss that build a desire of coming over and over again to taste those tasteful meals they are offering. This sumptuous food discovery is really worthy to be shared to my fellow foodie explorer as well as with my friends who always love to try something different or taste something beyond the usual.

Mazza Shawarma is owned by Mr. Aris Casino and Ms. Karen Dulay, who are both culinary graduates of Center for Culinary Arts. So, what you expect when a tandem of two chefs combined there talent in cooking – a delectable creation that will satisfy your appetite! Having a big appetite for Shawarma, that’s why they made their own shawarma place. The owners created their own special recipe of shawarma as well as the sauces. So, the unique taste will surely for Mazza Shawarma only.  

I visited Mazza Shawarma last Saturday (June 23, 2012), together with my blogger friends, Rain, Vance and Marco (who invited us!). It was a day full of excitement as we will be having a foodie adventure in a Persian Restaurant – Kebab, Shawarma, Keema and a lot more! So guys, without further ado, I wanna share you our foodie trip.
Pita with Jalapeño Hummus Dip and Garlic-Curry Dip
Pita with Jalapeño Hummus Dip and Garlic-Curry Dip | P70
Additional P15 for Jalapeño Hummus Dip
I liked the Jalapeño Hummus Dip which has bit kick of spice from Jalapeño and of course the Garlic Dip had an incredible taste! And when the two was combined it tasted great!
Beef Shawarma
Beef Shawarma | P75
The beef was not the usual shavings meat on the spit; it was patiently cut into a small pieces. How they do that, that’s a secret they will never tell! Wrap in pita bread together with cabbage, onion, tomato and Jalapeno. I tried to, as suggested by Rain, adds a lil’bit of Jalapeño Hummus and Garlic – Curry Dip into it and I liked it. It adds some kick on my Shawarma. Well, it’s better to try something unusual than wondering.
Beef Shawarma Pizza
Beef Shawarma Pizza | P195
Good for sharing, but just enough for me, though.
An 11-inch thin crust pizza topped with special cheesy sauce, onion, cabbages, tomatoes, and bite-sized beef meats. It was my first time to try this kind of pizza and I must say it is really a MUST-TRY to all the first-timer! Oh boy, this pizza really tastes succulent and if there’s love-at-first sight, well, Mazza Shawarma’s Pizza is a love-at-first-bite! Sooooo mouthwatering!

We also tried…
Beef Kebab Stick
Beef Kebab Stick | P45/ea
Ground beef marinated in spices, skewered then grilled.
Chicken Kebab Stick
Chicken Kebab Stick | P35/ea
What I liked on these kebabs are they were not overcooked and doesn’t have the “nakakaumay / nakakasawa” factor. Plus, there’s no pungent aftertaste on every bite.

There’s also a…
Beef Keema
Beef Keema | P85
Ground beef marinated in tomatoes. Keema is also good for rice and pita bread, but for me I can eat Keema alone.
Red Iced Tea
Red Iced Tea
Oh boy, I am now craving for Beef Shawarma Pizza! *Sigh* I already referred Mazza Shawarma to my friends especially to S who is living nearby. If you are planning to go there with your barkada, the cozy Persian restaurant can accommodate 28 people per turnover inclusive of 9 people seated in the smoking area. Moreover, you can also enjoy your online social life because they do have a free WI-FI. They also offer delivery services to the nearby customers. I am looking forward that they will open another branch (probably in a mall) soon.

Persian food in an affordable price that worth your visit. I am planning to go there on weekend with my friends. Hope to see you there!

Mazza Shawarma
Unit 2 Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Ave.
Brgy. Maybunga, Pasig City
Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jamba Juice is just perfect for freshen up after a walk, run, jogging or even chilling out with friends and loved ones talking about whatnots. Well, a healthy way to regain energy after the activities you’ve done.
As we all know, California’s famed lifestyle brand—Jamba Juice—which ushered in the ideals of simplifying healthy lifestyle when it arrived in the Philippines in November 2011 (the grandest opening!), went beyond the exciting and satisfying our palates with its delectably blended smoothies.
The brand is fervently working with the Bureau of Plant Industry–Guimaras National Mango Research and Development Center (BPI-GNMRDC) and with the full support of President and CEO of Jamba Juice James D. White, to support the local industry and community livelihood that is rooted in what is arguably the world’s best mango: Guimaras Mangoes.

Spread the news and be part of this pledge that aim to take to support the local industry and the local communities, whose livelihoods are dependent on the Guimaras Mango trade, which is a big help to the living of Guimaras people.

In line with this, BubblyFluffy is raffling away 15 vouchers of Jamba Juice. Wherein each voucher is valid for 160z smoothie of any of the following flavors below:

·         Mango-a-go-go
·         Mega Mango
·         Peach Perfection
·         Five Fruit Frenzy

There will be 3 winners who will win 5 Jamba Juice GCs. Deadline of submission of entries will be on July 6, 2012. Join now!

Winners will be announced on Friday, July 6, 2012. 

Live Fruitfully! 
Good luck Guys!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Howdy Guys! Hope everyone is doing great and in good health! Friday night supposedly spent on a night-out with good friends but then here I am at home nursing myself because I do have a fever and my UTI once again, smash me. It such a painful thing every time I have to pee. So girls, please take good care of yourself! Maybe, the cause of this was the “diet thing” I had for the past few weeks - oatmeal and skipping meal.

Meanwhile, it is still a Thanks God It’s Friday! Another week has ended. Though, I am still here in front of my office laptop even I’m at home and sick, doing some work-related stuff since I have an urgent project that needs to be submitted tonight on or before 1am. I’m almost done, by the way!

While doing work, nursing myself, what's beside me? Hmm… sweets! 
Peanut Kisses
Leche Flan

Have a Good and Healthy Weekend!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here at SM, We got it all for you!

Indeed! SM City had it all, from high-end to medium class to low-end stuff. And of course, after shopping it could be more fun if you will treat yourselves from a sumptuous food. Well, good food doesn’t need to be costly that is why SM City San Lazaro came up with a variety of food stalls and kiosks that cater tasteful food for a very affordable price to choose from. By then, after we embezzled our hard-earned money in shopping, we can still have something for our stomach.
I was invited on a chow down session last Saturday (June 16, 2012) at SM City San Lazaro Foodcourt. Wherein, we’ve tasted different food offerings from the six foodie tenants – Friends Fries, Boy Binatog, MyPao, Lugaw Republic, Lots A Pizza, and Antonio’s Bibingka + Coffee. It was like an eating challenge for the four of us, the foodie blogger. It was quite hard because I’m on a diet that time but how I can say No to the tempting and inviting foodie. Sigh. Diet will resume the next day! Ha-ha.
But then again, due to unpredictable work-related duties because I am also on-call that time, I was late on our pig out session. Though, blogger-friends were so generous enough to set aside some for me to still taste the mouthwatering food that they offered.

Friends Fries.
I’m late and I know blogger-friends couldn’t help it but finished all the fries and forgot to set aside my part, maybe because fries will not taste good when expose for the longer period of time, that’s why they’ve ate then as soon as they can. But according to them, the French fries offered by Friends Fries were tasty. There were four flavors to choose from – Plain Salt, Cheese, Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion. And maybe you wander how they came up with the name “Friends Fries?” Simply because, French Fries is a perfect companion for barkada/friends activities and whatnots. And the price ranges from P25 (small) – P160 (Friendship Fries). By the way, they also has Hash Brown for only P30/each.
Photo credit to Rain of Raincheck.

Boy Binatog.
Oh Boy, I remembered my childhood days, every afternoon (I think around 2pm onwards, shocks! memory gap!) when we heard the bell’s chime from a bicycle boy it means the Binatog is coming. Well, best served during merienda. But the good news is, you don’t have to wait anymore every time you crave for it, because Boy Binatog is serving anytime of the day during mall hours and aside from the usual Classic Binatog (Niyog with Salt or Sugar) for only P25 (medium) and P30 (large), they also has the Binatog Twist (Sweet and Milky or Cheezy) for only P30 (medium) and P35 (large), and Combinatog (Butter with Cheese or Butter with Milk) for only P35 (medium) and P40 (large). Well, I liked the Sweet and Milky! And boy, Boy Binatog’s co-owner is the Boy Abunda, one of the well-respected TV Personality.
Binatog Twist

One of their best-sellers is the Chicken Asado Rice topped with Egg. Well, for only P75, am sure you will get the satisfying “burp” after eating. But wait, there’s more! They are offering a booming 30% discount an hour before its closing. It seems having dinner here at around 8pm is really an awesome savings but still fully-loaded.
Chicken Asado Rice with Egg

Lugaw Republic.
I graduated in PUP, so congee/lugaw is well-known to me. Yes, I experienced eating unlimited congee at beside Sacred Heart of Jesus Church but then I know cleanliness is a big issue on this one and you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your health. Lugaw Republic offers congee at a very affordable price of P15 but offers a high percentage of cleanliness. 

…best paired with 
Spring Rolls/Lumpia
Pork and Tofu/Tokwa’t Baboy
My goodness! I am already full but foods are still pouring that time. Gosh, a 3 to 4-hour of eating. Spell, B-U-S-O-G! When I just thought that we already had a break from eating, Lots A Pizza landed on our table.

Lots A Pizza.
One of my favorite pizzas is Lots A Pizza. I’ve been addicted to it when my cousin who’s working there before brought home pizza almost every other night. I simply liked the not-so-thin crust pizza loaded with lots of toppings! Once you bite you can resist having another slice, and another one, and another one again!

We feasted on…
Great Manhattan
Pure beef Special and Pepperoni and Mushroom

Antonio’s Bibingka + Coffee.
Last but not the least Antonio’s Bibingka and Coffee, this has a small kiosk at the SM San Lazaro Food court. How I wish they could be relocated on much bigger space and location so that the customer will enjoy the sumptuous Bibingka and Puto Bumbong over a cup of perfectly-brewed coffee. Well, I will enjoy more of Antonio’s Bibingka + Coffee in way more comfortable seats and relaxing ambiance. Oh! I smell C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, 2 months to go and its BER months already! Time really flies so fast!
Bibingka will be placed here for 15 minutes…
… then afterwards, Special Bibingka is so ready to be eaten
Special Bibingka
… same with the Bibingka with Kesong Puti.
Bibingka with Kesong Puti
Antonio’s also serves Puto Bumbong. They also showed us how to make one; they put the glutinous rice/galapong inside this machine.
... and gotcha! A purple-y sticky and yummy Puto Bumbong topped with Niyog (coconut meat).
Puto Bumbong
What a gastronomical adventure at SM City San Lazaro Food Court. It was an afternoon with so much fun being with the blogger-friends and of course with the jolly people SM City San Lazaro Food Court had and Ms. Joanne of SM City San Lazaro Marketing Department. Thank you so much, Guys! You really made us full!
SM City San Lazaro Food Court personnel
To all the people around Manila, SM City San Lazaro is one of the best destinations whatever your trip is, whether if you wanna go shopping, eating, strolling, or just by doing whatnots with your friends, loved ones and family. And of course, SM City has always a lot of surprises store for us! (≧∇≦)

Have Fun Guys!
Because, Here at SM, We got it all for you!