Friday, August 31, 2012

 Another Happy Lemon branch opened at the newly-opened elegant and sophisticated mall  –  Happy Lemon Robinsons Magnolia Mall. Yehey!

Happy Lemon Stamp Collection Loyalty Card

 This could be our new favorite Happy Lemon branch because it’s way more accessible and near P’s place.
Moreover, Happy Lemon has this Stamp Collection Loyalty Card, wherein in every world’s yummiest drinks (Happy Lemon) purchased you get a corresponding stamp. ^-^

Happy Lemon’s Stamp Collection Loyalty Card

When you collected 6 stamps, you’ll get a free upsize on the next purchase and when you collected 12 stamps you’ll get a free Happy Lemon Collectible Item. What is it? I don’t have any idea yet but whatever it is I’ll be happier to have Happy Lemon Items. Hmm… I already got 2 stamps, 10 stamps to go!

P, Zoe (P’s Cousin) and I favorite Happy Lemon Drink – Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese! Creamy, Salty and Yummy! 

Happy Lemon’s Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese
Can’t wait for tomorrow to have another cup of Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese.
How about you Guys and Gals, what’s your favorite Happy Lemon Drink?

Thanks God It’s Friday! Have a Happy Lemon Weekend! ^-^


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another thing why I got excited when someone from Australia is going to visit Philippines are the different kinds of chocolates as their pasalubongCadbury Chocolates to be specific. Aside from TimTam, I also loved the different Cadbury Mini Chocolates.
 Cadbury Mint Bubbly
Cadbury Flake
Cadbury Boost
Cadbury Crunchie
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

Hmm… what I liked the most is the Cadbury Flake, then the Mint Bubbly, followed by Boost… yumyum. 

How I wish Cadbury Philippines also sells these chocolate-y minis and if they do where I can buy them? 
Any idea, dearies? ^-^


Hearty Breakfast
The free breakfast offered by Villa de Oro Resort: Tasty Bread with Butter and Marmalade, Banana and a cup of Coffee.
Tosilog (Tosino, Fried Itlog, Fried Rice), I forgot the name of the restaurant where I ate this… hmmm... so-so breakfast. Well, good for a hungry tummy, the resto was nearby on our day 1 hotel which was the Villa De Oro.

By the way, I also tried the famous calamansi muffin; I’ll be posting about it on a few more days. Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Howdy Ladies and Gentlemen, i hope that everything is great, as always! As we all know, the SM Megamall have another sumptuous event that we wouldn't want to missed - the Mega Food Sale - which I posted here few days ago and still happening today. Well, it's Sunday, Family Day! Why not treat your loved ones and special someone on a delectable food adventure that wouldn't cause too much damage on your wallet. Hmmm... Maybe after attending mass, this could be a great bonding moment over a good conversation with a sounding joy of laughter over a flavourful dish.
SM Megamall Mega Food Sale
SM Megamall Mega Food Sale Activity Center
SM Megamall Activity Center
Oh boy, let me share with you my first food escapade on SM Megamall Mega Food Sale that happened yesterday. 
My first stop - DULCINEA! Dulcinea is a Spanish-inspired restaurant and well-known for their Churros con Chocolate, thus, they are offering an unlimited Churros con Chocolate for only P108.
Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate
Churros con Chocolate
This palatable, tasty fried strips of dough with chocolate syrup as a dip - Churros con Chocolate - is one of the Spanish desserts that I loved. A perfect combination, indeed! 

One serving contains five churros and since it was unlimited... hmmm... can you guess how many servings I had? ^-^
Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate
Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate
1... 2... 3!
By the way, as per as the branch manager, some preferred Churros con Chocolate to be served as an appetizer and some as a dessert. For me, I’d rather prefer it as an appetizer.

Aside from that, Dulcinea's branch manager Bobster also served Pasta Paella for us to try the not-so-usual paella because they were using pasta instead of the usual rice. I would say that it was too delicious, full of flavour and freshly served to us. According to Bobster, they do the cooking upon ordering so they could serve the paella hot and fresh. The cooking time was 15 minutes, which, I can attest you that the wait was really worth it! Seafood and Pasta were cooked well, mouth-watering. Good for the group of 4 people for only P450+ (forgot the exact amount) and it comes with 4 garlic breads.
Dulcinea's Pasta Paella
Pasta Paella
Dulcinea's Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread
And last but not the least, we also tried the best seller pastry - Cream Puff! Hmm... it is so fluffy... I wanna die! Ha-ha. Creamy and sweet! Sweet and Creamy! Heaven.
Dulcinea's Cream Puff
Cream Puff
Dulcinea is just one of the over 100 restaurants with exciting promos that participated on the 3-day Mega Dining days, August 17.18.19! How I wish they extended their Mega Food Sale on holidays, August 20&21. ^-^
4th Floor, Bridgeway, SM Megamall

Thank you SM Megamall for a scrumptious food adventure! For updates, you can visit their Facebook Fan Page here or follow them on Twitter here.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Dulcinea's Cream Puff
Dulcinea's Cream Puff. Creamy and fluffy. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SM Megamall Mega Food Sale
SM Megamall’s Mega Food Sale is back! 
Now bigger and better, SM Megamall will bring you the ULTIMATE FOOD TRIP on August 17 to 19, 2012! With over 100 dining establishments on sale, get ready for nonstop dining discounts and promos, huge price offs & delicious offers – Buy 1 Take 1s, Eat-All-You-Cans, FREE appetizers, FREE desserts, FREE drinks, and many more!

And here’s the icing on the cake: Get a chance to win an all-expense paid food trip to exciting destinations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam! SM Megamall will also be having a Foodie Fair with SM Supermarket & the Lifestyle Network at the Event Center. This is One Mega Food Trip that can’t be missed!

Here are just some of the many offers you can enjoy, available only at the SM Megamall Mega Food Sale:
Sumo Sam (Lower G/F, SM Megamall A)
Sushi All You Can with bottomless soft drinks for only Php 355.00.

Dulcinea (4/F, SM Megamall Bridgeway)
Get Unlimited Churos con Chocolate for only P 108.00 only from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Gotti’s Ristorante (4/F, Mega Atrium at SM Megamall)
Enjoy 50% off on all to-share pastas.

J.Co Donuts and Coffee (SM Megamall Mega Strip, B)
Free (1) J.COOL single with one (1) topping of his/her choice for a minimum purchase of (1) dozen donuts in a single receipt.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (3/F, SM Megamall Bridgeway)
Free upsize on any drink (Small to Regular / Regular to Large).

Gumbo (2/F Mega Atrium at SM Megamall)
Free Seafood Jambalaya for a minimum receipt of P500 (that's P395 in savings!).

Masuki (Lower G/F, SM Megamall B)
Mami and Siopao all you can for only Php 250.00

Papa John's Pizza (3/F, SM Megamall A)
Enjoy 50% off on the following pizzas: 9" Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Simply Cheese, Margherita.

Chewy Junior (Lower G/F, SM Megamall A)
For every purchase of one (1) box of six (6) pieces, get FREE one (1) box of eight (8) minis.

Pepper Lunch (Upper G/F, SM Megamall A)
Get their special Garlic Beef Pepper Rice for only Php 168.00.

Yabu: House of Katsu (2/F Mega Atrium at SM Megamall)
Free appetizer set & (2) bottomless lemonades for every order of (2) Katsu sets and All-day bottomless Miso soup for every Katsu set.

and MANY MORE promos available only on the MEGA FOOD SALE! Per DTI NCR Permit No. A3 – 0842 Series of 2012.

Watch the video for some sumptuous food SM Megamall Mega Food Sale offers.
For updates, check SM Megamall’s Facebook page and Twitter account for updates and to win delicious free treats!

See you there!
Keep Safe and Dry, Guys and Gals!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The doors of Comida Ilocandia opened during storm Gener’s entry in the country, but foodies, business associates, and close friends of fashion Designer turned Chef Danny de la Cuesta and his four partners were undaunted and pushed through with the occasion.

This is because Chef Danny and his partners believed that their mission of bringing Ilocano food and delicacies into Metro Manila is far more important than the weather so they could satisfy those who are hooked to the rich taste of slow- cooked traditional Ilocano meals and even first- timers who eventually get hitched to this gastronomic experience.
One of the best-sellers is t
he genuine Ilocano bagnet from Ilocos Sur-the Chinese-inspired way of lechon macao while in Ilocos Norte, bagnet comes of Mexican influence and is called chicharones. At Comida Ilocandia this is served with rice and pickled mango or vegetables.
Though one can find, here and there, genuine Ilocano bagnet or pinakbet, there is no consistency in the supply, price and quality of these food items. However, at Comida, anybody can order Bagnet, Adobo Seco, Crispy Dinuguan, Tinuno (barbecued ribs) and Higado, in-house or to go dishes for one or in bulk.

Chef Danny, a gracious host explains to diners the nuances of Ilocano dishes. Bagnet from Ilocos Sur are Chinese-inspired in the way lechon macao while in Ilocos Norte, bagnet comes of Mexican influence and is called chicharones.

To make these dishes more affordable at P98 per microwaveable box, Chef Danny made sure to prepare and serve value meal sizes also (consisting of any of these meat dishes plus rice and Ilocano- pickled vegetables).

At Comida, there are also traditional Ilocano specialty drinks like Champola- guava or guyabana coolers, and Horchata- rice milk, along with innovations on rice coffee (dark roast) or rice tea (lighter roast) brews. “Since we started last Saturday we have been selling Bagnet and our bottled pickled vegetables (inartem) so fast, our commissary is hard-pressed catching up with the orders,” Chef Danny said.

A true-blue marketer, Chef Danny explains to his guests what makes his Ilocano cuisine a cut above the rest, is because it is cooked based on universal cooking & tastiness standards. For one, we prepare our meats in slabs after brining, marinating and braising them a day at a time. There is no rush to cooking the meats. At all times, our Adobo is cooked slowly in very low fire for more than eight hours until they are very tender. After that we rest them for a day or two. Constantly, we use natural flavors of sukang Iloko, molasses, lots of garlic, peppercorns, laurel, oregano, pimiento and others.”

Since adobo are cooked in slabs, we only slice and refry a small portion per meal then we freeze the rest. Only sufficient slices are served per meal. The longer the meat is kept, the better it tastes,” Chef Danny explained.

The process of cooking bagnet slabs is also as tedious as the adobo and so with the Higado and the crispy dinuguan. “We do not resort to short cuts,” Chef Danny added.

"Ilocanos", he gags, prepare their meat in slabs because during every meal, each family member partakes a considerable slice of the meat while the bigger slab is displayed on the table for the members to visually feast while chewing the rice on the plates. This way the meat lasts for other meals, and this traditional joke is very true in Ilocos Norte, Chef Danny chuckles.
Diners can savor the taste of Tinuno (barbecued ribs) and eventually
get hitched to this gastronomic experience. Meals are very affordable at P98 per microwaveable box, Chef Danny make sure to prepare and serve these in value meal sizes consisting of any of these dishes plus rice and Ilocano- pickled vegetables.

Why the meat is made to last long is because of the frequent and prolonged visits of storms in the Ilocos region, making life very hard and families are forced to make their food last until after the storms, he explained.

De la Cuesta, who spent 44 years in fashion designing and selling his brand of ready to wear clothes and made to order gowns before extending into business development and culinary arts, partnered with childhood friends, classmates and associates such that each investor is responsible for a specific aspect of the business. Chef Danny takes control areas on Conceptual & Product Planning, Business & Market Development.

His venture from fashion designing (where he had 72 employees under him) to cookery was upon the advice of his doctor after a heart attack in the United States. He joined a national competition of San Miguel. A short culinary course in Le Cordon Bleu in London that came part of the prize extended to nine months of learning more skills. Upon returning from London, he was consulted for food brands mostly for recipe development, cooking demos and mentoring. 
The all-time favorite — genuine Longanisa Vigan goes great with sinangag, pickled vegetable or Sukang Iloko.
Then he ventured into business development with brands that are now very commercially viable. At Comida and its sister-enterprise, Spaoay, he has 25 people under him.

Spaoay, an Ilocos themed Wellness Spa, which opened, simultaneously with Comida term lay claim to Spa and Ilocos town, Paoay. Spaoay offer time-honored therapies from the Ilocos region that has a strong belief of the healing touch.

Spaoay traditional Ilocano treatment for massage and facials make use of herbs- tea tree, mint and coffee. Their body wraps, scrubs, and baths draw on mountain clays, sea salts, and balsamic vinegar.  These treatments not only smell delicious, they are also very beneficial for your body. 

Visit Chef Danny’s Spaoay and indulge in wellness rituals where only professionally trained & TESDA accredited hands perform wellness therapies that have a distinguished past. Located along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, you can call (02)9947596 or (02) 7099041; and mobile 09189256603 for reservations. For better appreciation, view these blogsites: and


Monday, August 6, 2012

With Filipinos’ health and wellness in mind, a business partnership was forged recently between Korean slow juicer brand Hurom and innovative fruit juice cart brand Fruit Magic.

The partnership stands to further give Fruit Magic all the more reason to claim how its products can bolster its customers’ wellness. And using the pioneering slow juicer technology espoused by Hurom, this assures the buying public of a higher nutritive extract compared to what traditional juicers and blenders produce.

Fruit Magic is known in the market for its fruit and vegetable juices so ultimately, Escalona (top photo, president of Fruit Magic) says that Hurom fits their business perfectly. He is convinced of its superiority in terms of giving wellness and value and thus, more for customers’ money. He said: “Customers’ benefits are always top-of-mind” for them.
With the acquisition of the Hurom Slow Juicer, Fruit Magic’s natural juices in selected outlets now offer as much as 45-65 percent added nutritional value. Thus, every cup of Fruit Magic with the use of Hurom juicer churns out contains up to 90-95 percent nutritional value, according to Zinven International Corp. General Manager Catherine Dy and Fruit Magic president Alan Escalona.

Escalona added, “There’s a big difference between juicing and blending.  This is very important. Let’s start with blending—the most traditional one—when you blend, you basically mash the fruit, add ice, syrup, and then the fruit. The fiber is still there.”

He said that fruit or vegetable fiber of fruits or vegetables is not really digested. When it goes to the intestines, while being digested, a lot of those fibers still have nutrients locked in so I would say, 50-60 percent of the nutrients in the mashed/blended fruit is absorbed by the body.

Fruit Magic is not known for selling juicers but it certainly can demonstrate how it works before its own customers. “I said let us use it first and let people know we’re using it and highlight it slowly because we’re not an appliance store. We’ll just show customers the juicing process, let them see and taste the difference. Then, you’ll develop loyal customers that will keep coming back.”

Escalona admitted that Hurom is new to them but he is convinced of its superiority in terms of giving wellness value and thus, more for customers’ money. He revealed they were initially attracted to fast juicers because when people queue up for their juice, their cart attendants need to be able to quickly service each order. However, Escalona reiterates that customers’ benefits are top-of-mind for them.

He knows as well that by using Hurom means being more cost-effective in the long run, where less fruit or vegetable is used but results in higher yield, which also means more savings for them.

But more importantly, Escalona pointed out that compared to fast juicers, though Hurom is slow, it is very efficient. And because it makes more juice against the fast ones, it means more savings for him. Though a bit slow, Escalona said that he’ll just double the amount of Hurom juicers in his carts. “Sometimes, it’s also fun being a bit slow because some people really like to see how his juice is prepared before he drinks it.”

Fruit Magic is known in the market for its fruit and vegetable juices so ultimately, Escalona says that Hurom fits their business perfectly. In business for almost 20 years already, he said they’ve tried lots of juicer brands in the market but when he saw what Hurom is capable of, especially in making higher fruit juice yields, he thought of using Hurom instantly.

We know that technology is important and if you don’t adapt the proper technology, you’ll get left behind. With this ever-changing and growing market, you have to go with the most innovative technology, and we saw that in Hurom. This is a new product for the 21st Century and Hurom has already established credibility as a brand, and we know that a lot of customers expressed satisfaction with this product, that’s why we are using it now,” Escalona explained.

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer is available at Rustan’s, S & R, The Landmark, Shopwise, NumaCare, Home Shopping TV, and is distributed in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp. For more details about the Hurom Slow Juicer, visit or call telephones (02) 9267782 and 86.

Happy Monday!


Every time I crave for Japanese food, Sumosam is one of the options. Well, a very beautiful and serene ambiance aside from the sumptuous and affordable Japanese foods is some of the good and consistent quality Sumosam restaurant offers.

Sumosam, Gateway Mall is one of my favorite branches because of its accessibility in terms of transportation. I’m leaving in the north, that’s why restaurant near EDSA or near the public transportation vehicle is one of my considerations in choosing a restaurant to dine. Aside from that Sumosam has a very awesome service. Waitress and waiters make sure that all is well and customers will experience the best dining experience.

By the way dearies, can you suggest any Japanese restaurant for me to try?
Just comment it here.

Have a beautiful day! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

It’s been raining on and off, that’s why instead of going out with friends P and I decided to stay home. But then, staying at home could be boring without something to do. We decided to buy some chips (Piattos in Cheese Flavor, Pik-Nik Hot!, Doritos, V-cut ), beers (SMB’s Strong Ice, Super Dry and Apple) and just had a movie marathon.

It’s our simple way to catch up on everything and talking about whatnots. Hmm… I just realized that it’s been a while since the last time we did this thing. Yihee!

How about you dearies, how’s your rainy Saturday night?