Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No one can stop us, the TRT (TheRoadTrippers) on having a food trip galore. Even the heavy rains that keep on pouring that night couldn’t stop us from our food escapade in Marina Seafood Restaurant. Days before the food trip we already planned to meet up at Marina Robinsons Forum branch. However, that Robinsons Forum Branch was already closed. It was quite sad and time consuming considering that there’s a heavy rain because I read that Marina had a branch on that mall from an updated blog post wherein a blogger’s event for Marina was held. Hmm… I wish that they will update their blog post and deleted that branch so they wouldn’t leave any hassle and give false hope to their readers.

Moving on, since we really wanted to avail the P25 per order of Oyster offered by Marina in lieu of their 25th year Celebration, we did an impromptu back-up plan. Once again, we conquered the heavy rain for us to get thru the other branch – the Marina Seafood Restaurant in Metrowalk.

Meanwhile, Marina’s promo of P25 per order of Oyster was limited to 2 orders per table only. Well, for the group of 5 we made it enough for us. Ha-ha. Well, what we can ask for? A hungry and wet people like us, would only wanted something to munch and eat over a good conversation as always. I must say, food is just a prop, the exciting talk and laughter are the most worthy for every gathering.

Enough of the talking, here are the foods that we ordered.
Marina's Bagoong Rice
Bagoong Rice
Marina's Steamed Oysters
Steamed Oysters
Marina's Bihud Guisado,
Bihud Guisado
Marina's Baked Tahong
Baked Oysters
Marina's Crab

It’s my first time to ate Bihud Guisado which was introduced to us by Kuya Bong, according to him it was an egg of tuna. Bihud Guisado tasted good. Well, baked Oysters with cheese will be my all-time favourite, how I wish the price could be also all-time P25. Sumptuous seafood’s perfect for a cold night, however, the price was quite expensive. Would I come back again, hmm…? I’ll definitely do if someone’s gonna treat me. (^_^)

Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Howdy, Foodies?! New flavors have come our way for our refreshment – the Jollibee University Floats! Yeah, you read it right, University Coke Float simply because the colors have been pattern to our well-known Universities that are playing in the hard court or in the open fields. Any game roars with more excitement when students and alumni wholeheartedly cheer for their teams while proudly wearing their school colors. When it comes to displaying school pride, students will go the extra mile to stand out and be creative.

Thus, Jollibee offers all-new refreshing flavors of Jollibee Coke Float to add an extra fun and excitement and refreshing twist to flaunt your school spirit.

Yellow Pine-Orange | Red Apple | Green Honeydew | Blue Berries

Topped with vanilla soft-serve on ice-cold Sprite, the coolness of Blue Berries, Yellow Pine-Orange, Green Honeydew, and Red Apple Floats will surely give everyone a winning lift and boost one’s school pride for only P28 for regular size and P38 for a giant size. Or you can also upgrade any value ,mean to Go Float just by adding P21.

So what are you waiting for? Share your favorite halftime moments with friends over Blue Berries Float. Sport an entire ensemble of yellow with the Yellow Pine-Orange. Get into the cheering mood with the Green Honeydew Float or shout out and be proud with the Red Apple Float.

The Jollibee University Floats are available in all Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in, drive-thru and take-out. Also available are Jollibee Coke, Sarsi, Coffee and Chocolate Floats. For delivery, call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to www.jollibeedelivery.com.


Friday, October 26, 2012

What would you expect on a rainy, holiday Friday? Hmm, aside from sleeping, staying at home watching movies like most of the people in the Metro doing as of the moment, I bet you’re also craving for a snack. Not just the usual snack but for a big snack that will accompany you throughout your rainy Friday.

Big Munch Corn Chips

Since we are already looking for something BIG, look, what arrived in the office couple of days ago? BIG MUNCH Corn Chips! It has been launched in the market to satisfy the snack craving of those who have a big appetite. It is perfect for sharing for the whole family with its big serving size available in 110g and 28g.

Big Munch Corn Chips has also three flavors to choose from – Cheese, Barbeque and Black Pepper – that definitely perfect on whatever mood you have right now.

Big Munch Corn Chip
Barbeque – Indulge in a savory flavour of barbeque in every bite. | Cheese – Taste the tortilla chip flavour topped with melted cheese. | Black Pepper – Get that extraordinary spice!

And oh, I also shared this BIG Munch to my colleagues. I loved the CHEESE. The Kiddos (my team-mates) liked the BARBEQUE while the Boss stole the Big Munch in BLACK PEPPER which was according to him was perfect for a cold weather.

Big Munch Corn Chip

By the way, BIG MUNCH is having some promo/contest every now and then, better like them on Facebook so you’ll be the first one to know. (^_^)

Keep Safe and Dry!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally, I’ve got a chance to dine in Precious Moments Manila Restaurant couple of weeks ago. I must say that the dining experience was one of the best dining I ever had in my 26 years of existence in the world. I heard a lot about this restaurant but due to hectic schedule I didn’t get any chance to try it but not until last week, Saturday.

It was Saturday morning; the sunshine was up above to give a brighter day to everyone who wanted to embrace the positive vibes that it will shower. Good thing, I’m one of the few. And that day, another precious was worth remembering and best shared to all my readers and loved ones.

Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant is known for their cute and full of inspiration angel figurines, dolls and the likes. Being in their showroom is one of the tranquil moments that give an aura of childhood, good luck, inspiration and motivation and calm, an ambiance that most diners and foodie buffs look for. That’s why; eating at Precious Moments Restaurant is an experience that I wanted to do repeatedly.

Precious Moment Gift Shop and Restaurant

What they offer? Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant offers a variety of food – snacks, lunch, dinner, coffee and etc. - that suited on their diners’ preferences. My blogger friends and I, feasted on the below sumptuous foods that captured a precious moments.

Appetizers – Century Egg, Crab Meat, Cucumber
Appetizers – Century Egg, Crab Meat, Cucumber

Chicken Asparagus Soup
Chicken Asparagus Soup | P210

Sweet & Sour Lapu-Lapu
Sweet & Sour Lapu-Lapu | P110/100grams

Butterfly Prawns Szechuan Style
Butterfly Prawns Szechuan Style | P390

Crab Sotanghon
Crab Sotanghon | P90/100grams

Pata-tim | P465

Koren Squid
Koren Squid | P330

Carbonara | 247

And for dessert, we had

Mango Tiramisu
Mango Tiramisu | P132

They also had Cappuccino and Cookies & Cream Frap which are way better and more affordable than Starbucks (I had to say that since I am also buying and drinking Starbucks coffee).

Cappuccino | P70

Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream | P125

One more thing, the seafood and fish were freshly come from Aklan. That’s why the flavours come out from its own which makes it standout from the other. The foods that we’ve eaten were tasteful that would meet every taste buds expectation. I’ll recommend that you have to try the Pata-tim, it’s a MUST!

So if you’re looking for a great food with a great home-y ambiance, Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant is for you! A Precious Moments, indeed!

Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant - Manila Branch
95 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., (Buendia) cor Osmea Highway, Palanan
Makati City, Philippines 1235

(632) 887 5252 and (632) [t]