Friday, December 28, 2012

I always on the lookout for a new place that I can suggest to my friends whenever we feel like going out and have some fun, sharing stories over a cup of coffee or a glass of cold drinks and perhaps to chillax after a roller coaster life that we had throughout the week because of work. Oh well, being in a good place, with good friends, is one of the best things in this world.     (“ ,)

Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.
Just in time for Christmas where Christmas Party/Reunion/Get-Together is some of the activities that I always look forward to, Café Lupe invited us to their newly opened restaurant/bar located at the famous park in the Philippines – Rizal Park (Luneta). At first, I was hesitant because I thought that, even though that Rizal Park is a huge park, still a crowded place, which is a big NO for me since I hate being bumped by unknown numbers of people. But having the thoughts that I would able to discover new place and of course to be with my travel buddies and friends that I won’t able to see for quite some time conquered my slothfulness. Ha-ha.

Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.
Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.

It was Saturday night of fun moments with co-TRTs in the Café Lupe at the Park which has a great location near large lagoon because at the open area of 2nd floor of man-made cave with table and tents you’ll enjoy the scenic view of the park while watching the show of the colorful lights of dancing fountain with a very astounding exhibition of waters/fountains. I must say that having this kind of view enjoying the great taste of barbeque for only P20 and nachos for only P60 served by Café Lupe while having a sip of cold Tanduay Ice or Colt 45 since they also tied up with Asia Brewery which is available in the bar counter was a very good way to chillax and create an awesome moment with friends. You can also sing a lullaby or even the popular Gangnam Style by Psy because Videoke Machine is within reach in Café Lupe at the Park. By the way, Café Lupe is just opened few weeks ago so expect that food choices are limited unlike the one in Antipolo.

Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.
Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.

These photos are just some of the beautiful sighting you would see while at Café Lupe at the Park.

Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.
Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.
Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.

Deep sighed. Stunned. Can’t take my eyes off. That describes how Café Lupe at the Park is, with its prime location and picturesque view.

To sum it up, we had so much fun. We played Pinoy Henyo, wherein Fpj and Chino won a booming cold cash of P1000.00. If we only knew, Michelle and I will do our very best for us to win. Ha-ha. (Me talking to Michelle: Pantaxi din yun! Sana ginalingan natin. Haha.) (^_^) But, I’m still grateful that I’m with them - where being crazy was normal and every second being together was full of laughter. Thank you so much Café Lupe at the Park for inviting us.

Café Lupe at the Park – A Good Place to Chillax and Have Fun.

I suggest that you visit this place for you to try, see and experience everything I said and mentioned here. It’s a good hideout for barkada gimik though. Furthermore, Rizal Park is very accessible place, just one cab away. Ha-ha. But if you wanted to get rid of traffic, you can always take a ride on LRT and just go down at United Nations Station then walk a little bit until you reach the park. (By the way, if you still don’t know where Rizal Park (Luneta) is better to ask your parents/grandparents, I’m pretty sure that they know it.)

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cranberry Juice

Everytime my UTI visits me, which is the unwelcome visitor of mine; Cranberry Juice has been my partner to cure it. And I am glad that it does cure in a small period of time. The juice helps to prevent bacteria from developing into an infection in the urinary tract. So, if you’re suffering on this UTI thing, then I highly recommend that you must drink cranberry juice before taking any medicines. Meanwhile, how I wish my UTI will never come back, I could be happier then.

Have A Great Tuesday! Stay Healthy!


Friday, December 14, 2012

It’s the season for shopping and indulging in the South! Enjoy massive discounts and copious amounts of delicious delights as the Shopping and All-You-Can-Eat Spree heads to Alabang this Christmas. After a massively successful first run in Mercato Centrale, GrantonWorld now brings the ultimate dining and retail experience to the southern corner of the capital. This December 15, check off your entire Christmas shopping list as you enjoy 70-90% off on branded apparel, lifestyle items, and gadgets, topped off with a variety of mouth-watering culinary fare at the Soderno weekend lifestyle market.

GrantonWorld Brings the Ultimate Shopping and Dining Spree to Soderno

Holiday Indulgences
Channel the gastronomic spirit of the season and embark on a three-minute food spree of homemade gourmet dishes, pastries, and desserts from local chefs and bakers.

Add spice to your life with Genevieve’s Kitchen’s Bicolano specialties, including laing and Bicol Express. Or, bite into Isa’s Mongolian gigantic isaw and barbeque sticks, and Smokepit BBQ’s smoked barbeque on herbed pita bread, all served hot off the grill. Craving for Asian fare? Have a plate of Kimchi Pinoy’s kimchi fried rice, served with Filipino food toppings, or Rice Pot’s wide variety of Asian fried rice. For more savory fusions, try some of Juana Bowl’s Filipino-American fare. Looking for a light yet satisfying snack? Have some of Fillet ‘N Dips’ delicious fish fillet, buffalo wings, or their famous garlic parmesan wings, paired with crispy fries.

For sweet endings, have a slice of ice cream pizza from For the Dream Co., indulge in a variety of cakes from Bambi’s House of Desserts, ranging from red velvet to mocha, or get a dose of sinful chocolate desserts from Mamita’s Chocopleasure. Looking for something simpler? Have some Filipino comfort food at Taho Station, or What the Waffle’s scrumptious dough-based waffles, which taste so good on their own, even without syrup or toppings.

The Biggest Sale in the South!!!

Seize the chance to shop ‘til you drop this Christmas season as you participate in a mad dash of exciting fashion and lifestyle goods sold at 70-90% off.

GrantonWorld Brings the Ultimate Shopping and Dining Spree to Soderno
Looking to upgrade your gadgets?
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Meanwhile, make going green your New Year’s resolution with Messy Bessy’s line of household cleaners, made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Packaged in attractive baskets, these products also make ideal gifts for homemakers. Furthermore, get huge discounts on 100% Israel-made AVANI Dead Sea luxurious mineral-based skin products, and Snoe’s line of toiletries and cosmetics that make skin look younger and fresher.

Participants can also get exclusive discounts on the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit. The compact makeup kit fits conveniently in any handbag and contains all the essential tools for a beautiful “no-makeup” look: 10 eye shadows, five lip colors, two blushes, mascara, and a set of eye and lip pencils. Moreover, it also comes with three applicators, a mirror, and a pencil sharpener, and a compartment for pencil shavings.

For your imaginative nephews, nieces and inaanaks, have your share of Crayola toys and art-making sets from Zhazhiki. With exciting items such as Magic Light Brushes, Rainbow Brushes and 3D crayons, kids will certainly have fun creating their own masterpieces. Beautifully illustrated and hardbound Disney books are also available at the spree.

Shopping sprees are just one of the many exciting promotions offered by GrantonWorld. As a fantasy deal buying site, GrantonWorld takes pride in providing unique retail experiences to customers. Buyers can avail of voucher booklets for top-notch restaurants and spas, as well as special deals and packages on local and foreign trips, gadgets, appliances, and home products on our website.

What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start shopping! Register at the GrantonWorld website now or contact them through (+632) 945-8438 and get a taste of what it’s like to live more for less.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nowadays, due to bad weather and bacteria everywhere, being prone to sickness is just an ordinary case. But if you were a parent and you child got sick, you wouldn't want anything but to wish for their sooner recovery. Aside from that, whenever we watched basketball or any sports related activities or tv program, parent also started to dream and hope that they’re giving enough nutrients as their child grows. In line with this, in promoting growth and healthy childhood that a kid can ever have, Ceelin Plus, a Unilab brand, launched its “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit,” a campaign that promotes strong immunity and its relation to growth stunting among Filipino children last November 6, 2012 held at Shangri-la Hotel hosted by TV Personality Patricia Hizon, mother of two.

The campaign was also designed as a response to the recent United Nations Development Programme findings that the Philippines has the second highest incidence of stunting in Southeast Asia. The conclusion was supported by a Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) study in 2011 on the nutritional status of Filipino children where it’s been found that 3 in every 10 Filipino child, ages 0-5 years old, are stunted for their age. Thus, the campaign aims to create awareness about the prevalence and high incidence of growth stunting in the country and on how strong immunity plays role in helping to address health issue.

To open the event,  a kiddie fashion show featuring Filipino kids wearing cute statement tees with clear messages like “Strong immunity makes a towering MVP!,” “Don’t get shorty, get healthy!,” and “Pag sakitin, ang paglaki nabibitin!” gracefully walked on the runway with their cutest smile and of course with great confidence.

According to health experts who gave some talked on the event, growth stunting is caused by two main factors: malnutrition and recurrence of illness or infections. The prolonged inadequacies in nutrient intake as well as recurrence of illness can slow down skeletal growth and eventually lead to linear growth retardation. It was sad to know that most children in our country suffer on such thing which become an hindrance on their growth, of growing much taller than their age or even reach the adequate measurement base on their bmi.

Thankfully, the campaign also provided a solution to this growing health concern. The “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” campaign promoted preventive vitamin C and zinc supplementation among children for strong immunity resulting in normalized growth and thereby prevent growth stunting.

According to health experts, Vitamin C forms part of the body’s natural immune system and stimulates the activity of antibodies and immune cells while zinc is required for the normal development and maintenance of the immune system.  The children will greatly benefit from regular intake. So, mothers please do the necessary actions of giving the enough vitamins and nutrients your child needs. It is better to start while they are young.

To know more about growth stunting, its relationship with immunity and and how to prevent this increasing health issue among Filipino children, visit the Ceelin Plus “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” website and like CeelinPlus on Facebook for more updates and tips.

Stay Healthy and Enjoy life while YOUNG!
Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Howdy Guys and Gals! No more diet for me, well, I guess, It’s better to exercise regularly that to deprive myself from eating good and foods loaded with enough nutrients my body needs. Ha-ha. Moving on, it was Tuesday afternoon, after I posted “No-rice diet” on my Facebook wall, Ferds pm’ed me, inviting me to a sumptuous and sweet dinner at Sweet Bella Cafe which is located at Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. At first, I was hesitant because I don’t have my camera and I was on a diet but then the love for sweets/desserts won.

Sweet Bella Cafe
After several hours of waiting in the office, I walked from RCBC Plaza going to Greenbelt to have some space on my tummy for the battle I will be conquering when I reach the destination. Good thing, I did that! Why? Because there were a lot of delectable appetizers, main dishes, and desserts offered for us to taste.  Oh well, without any further ado; let’s start with “My Sweet Dining Experience at Sweet Bella.”

The sweet and sophisticated ambiance greeted me as I entered the cafe. The staffs greeted me on their sweetest genuine smile. The dim light added a little drama to the cafe; it made the dinner experience more romantic and dreamy. Of course, before heading to the soft and comfortable couch, taking photos of the vicinity is a must so I just did some several clicks using my Sony Xperia Mini Pro which was quite challenging for me because of the dim light, so guys, pardon me for my low quality photos. (“ ,)

As I sat down on the cosy couch the waiter asked me what I wanted for a drink, there were two options wherein I already forgot the other one (something with watermelon), I preferred Grape Mojito. This was soooo good! The mix of real bits of grapes, lychees and with a kick of wine/liquor was heaven! I so loved this drink.

Grape Mojito

To start the feast with appetizers, three variants of Oysters landed on our table one-at-a-time. The first that we had was the Fresh Oysters | P395. It was served fresh and cold with flavourful sauce and a slice of lime. Seafood especially if it is raw should have the one-of-a-kind level of freshness wherein Sweet Bella has it!

Fresh Oysters |

Next in line, Baked Oyster with Champagne Sauce | P395. Oh boy, the cream cheese over these sumptuous and oysters was superb!

 Baked Oyster with Champagne Sauce

And the third variant of oyster served to us for an appetizer, Oyster Rockefeller | P395. Mi Favorito! Ha-ha. Well, something with cheese is loved but adding bits of bacon to add crunchiness to a certain dish was really awesome.

Oyster Rockefeller

Last but not the least for appetizers was the Gambas Ajillo | P270. The Gambas was served together with their very own Focaccia bread which was perfect for the dish. The sauce had enough oil, enough for an easy gliding of the bread but at the same does not look messy. The shrimp was perfectly cooked which has crispiness on every bite.

Wagyu Ribeye Steak
Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Let’s move forward to the main dishes we’ve feasted on. Wagyu Ribeye Steak | P995, the juicy-luscious steak in the house. By the way, Sweet Bella Cafe, owned by Christina Santiago Rivera is related to the Melo’s Steakhouse, which serves the best Angus and Wagyu steaks in the Philippines. Ms. Christina is Melo’s daughter, so what can you expect with this steak? It is absolutely served and cooked at its finest! It is best paired with Wagyu Steak Rice which has Wagyu Beef bits (rice palang ulam na).

Wagyu Ribeye Steak
Wagyu Steak Rice

We’re not yet done with the steak, but Capellini Pomodore e Salsa Verde | P395 had also landed on our table. For all pasta-lovers, this is a must-try! Angel hair pasta topped with pesto sauce with sweet eggplant on the side was amazing! Truly an angel sent from the heaven for us to taste the glimpse of HEAVEN.

Capellini Pomodore e Salsa Verde

Right next with it was the Gamberetto Pasta | P395. Topped with shrimps with thick cream sauce, this pasta was fulfilling!

Gamberetto Pasta

Burp. Ha-ha. I’m full already but I still need to shield some space on my tummy because the feast is not yet over.  To complete the main dish lined-up, Chilean Sea Bass | P1,050 was served. Served with fresh vegetables, this fresh fish with one-of-a-kind sauce balanced our meal.

Hot Belgian Chocolate

Just when I thought that the dinner has come to an end, waiter/waitress, once again, setting up the table. It was like an afternoon siesta (another break for us from easting because another batch of foods are coming) because Ms. Christina served us the best hot chocolate in town. I am a big fan of hot chocolate and Sweet Bella Cafe’s Hot Belgian Chocolate was terrific. It tastes awesomely splendid! It was a Belgian Chocolate that heated until it was melted down. The first sip was LOVE! And since it was LOVE, I even asked the other table for the left over. Ha-Ha.

Hot Belgian Chocolate

After several minutes of exchanging stories with my fellow bloggers, came the love of my life – DESSERTS! Butterfly was all-over the desserts, sweet right? Yes, Indeed!

Chocolatta | Personal (P220), 9” (P1,200). It’s Bella’s favourite! The moist chocolate cake layered with rich ganache topped with chocolate glass. This chocolate cake heaven was also voted as the “Best Dessert.”


Pearl | Personal (P295), 9” (P1,100). So girly and posh because of its colour – pink! Some would think that this is a strawberry cake, oh boy, you must not be fooled by its colour because Sweet Bella store unique with a twist on every cake they had. This cake was light and refreshing Pink Guava Mousse! Yeah, you read it right, GUAVA.


Mi Camille | Personal (P295), 9” (P1,200). This was like an ice-cream cake with Hazelnut Praline and French Biscuit on Almond Praline Crust at the bottom of the cake. Soooo Yummmmy!

Mi Camille

I bet, you’re now drooling on these delicious foods I posted here. However, to cap “My Dining Experience at Sweet Bella,” Ms. Tina also served to us her favourite and personal creation – Strawberry Charlotte | P1700. It was a flavourful pleasure to taste something that personally made out of passion. The original creation, crunchy cashew crust layered with Chantilly cream and topped with fresh strawberries is to die for! I highly recommend this cake!

 Strawberry Charlotte
 Strawberry Charlotte

Woaaaaah! It was an awesome night where there’s no room for diet. And I am glad that right then I said yes to the invitation. It was an overwhelming night of eating and pleasures. Thank you Sweet Bella Cafe!
Meanwhile, before I ended this post, Sweet Bella Cafe also has macarons. Colorful, Sweet and Yummy Macarons with different flavours to choose from – Lemon, Strawberry, Rose, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, White Chocolate and Coffee – for only P480 for the Box of 8, Box of 16 (P960), Round Box of 18 (P1,080), and Round Box of 30 (P1,800).

Sweet Bella Macarons

Seize the moment.  Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.  ~Erma Bombeck
  Happy Tuesday!

Sweet Bella Cafe
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City