Sunday, December 29, 2013

P and I love sweets so much, thus, having and trying different variants of sweets is something that we could say, normal to us. Yani gifted me a different flavours of Kitkat, well, I already did tasted the Green Tea and we love it since P and I also into teas, so the others are such an adventure yet to try. Well, so far so good.

Meanwhile, I already crossed out Starbucks on my lifestyle not because I don’t like it but more likely because I wanted to save up already, let’s admit it, it’s costly. Thus, having P180 savings everyday would mean so much to me. However, since I collect Starbucks Planner, it is time of the year that I have to indulge myself with their expensive coffees for me to accomplish the 2014 planner. So far I still need 5 more stickers (1 holiday edition and 4 normal drinks), friends where are thou? Can we meet and chat over Starbucks coffee? Lol. No, I’m serious. Please help me, 5 more stickers and voila, a planner will be mine. *wink* Of course, you’ll make me happy by doing so!

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Mexican food in Woodland Hills isn’t always the healthiest food option. While it can be full of flavor, it can also be full of calories, fat, and grease. Fortunately, knowing what to order at a Mexican restaurant can help you to enjoy some of the most flavorful entrees without breaking your diet.

Veggie Fajitas and Burritos
The healthiest part of a fajita dish is the veggies. Choose dishes like fajitas and burritos that are heavy on vegetables so that you can do something good for your body. Most dishes come with a choice of meat and chicken can usually provide the leanest cut of meat.

Soup and Salad
Salad dressing is often laden with fat and calories, so use salsa, fresh lime juice, and avocado slices to spice up your salad without adding hundreds of calories. You can also enjoy your favorite Mexican entrees in a salad form to forego the tortilla while still enjoying the main flavor profile. Just ask for your burrito or taco without the tortilla, over lettuce, or as a bowl. There are also a variety of soups that are big in taste but low in calories, such as pozole and chicken tortilla soup.

What to Limit and Avoid
Try to limit the sour cream and guacamole you add to your entrée to cut down on calories. You can also ask for less cheese in your dish. If you will be indulging in food, then stick with water, iced tea, or another low calorie drink so that you don’t overindulge in liquid calories. Although flan and fried ice cream may be calling your name, you may want to avoid these fattening treats to reduce your total calorie intake.

Indulge Once in a While
Part of the fun of eating at a Mexican restaurant is enjoying the drinks, chips and salsa, and cheesy goodness that adorn the menu. Keeping your eyes on the ingredients can help you to choose the best option for your dietary needs. The other option is to indulge in your craving and eat the best that your local Mexican food restaurant has to offer. After all, they say you should have everything in moderation.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aloha Guys and Gals! How’s life going’? Me, still on a denial moment that my 5-day Boracay getaway is over, and I have to face my normal routine – work, events, gym, blogging, and more work! Arghh. How I wish I can just stay in a paradise and live a simple life – fresh air, sea, sand, & sun.

Anyway, forget about that dramatic intro as I want to share with you darlings my latest breakfast comfort food. Yeah? Located in the ground floor of Two Parkade Bldg, 7th Avenue this restaurant caters a buffet of  delicious dishes. Well, I’m talking about NACI COMFORT FOOD. More than its name, it certainly does offer savoury meals that would undoubtedly make your morning shines so bright, well, giving you the best food that would make your day! Since breakfast is the very important meal of the day, you should have to indulge yourself with nothing but the ultimate comfort foods that would give you all the energy and vitamins needed to work efficiently throughout the day. Agree? Yes!

With that said, Naci Comfort Food decided to demonstrate their love for the most essential meal of the day, buffet-style. Filipino all-time favorite’s likes pork and beef tapa, chicken tocino, sausage & bacon are part of the selection. There are also pancakes and butter-golden home-style hash browns but what I love the most is the oatmeal champorado. 

Diners will also enjoy generous portions of freshly-baked bread and sweet rolls, fruits in season, cereals, and enjoy cold cuts of fine quality meats served daily. All of these for only P295, eat-all-you-can! By the way, their Vanilla Iced Tea was soooo great!

For people like me who’s looking for fresh, relax and quite posh place, Naci Comfort Food is the perfect fit for you. Well, its ambiance and elegant interiors would certainly give you a positive outlook in life, having a high ceiling while enjoying the BGC street views through their floor-to-ceiling glass windows will give everyone a wonderful beginning. Of course, I took also some pictures of the restroom which I always look for in a restaurant. It’s a must for me to know that there is a consistency in cleanliness on everything, from food to tables and even to the smallest portion of the restaurant.

So better start your day right - eat healthy, eat hearty, eat at Naci!

Naci Comfort Food 
G/F Unit 3, Two Parkade Bldg., 7th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

 Buffet Breakfast opens Sundays to Saturdays, 8:00am to 10:30am.
Store opens Sundays to Saturdays, 8:00am to 10:00pm.

For further information, please visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @nacicomfortfood.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It was Friday night; I wouldn’t mind an early wake up call the next day because what I have thought was to have fun and finally, a get together for the road trippers and of course to meet the new members in flesh! Amidst of forever traffic in EDSA we braved the road going to Antipolo, the road trippers host for that night – Café Lupe!

It was my first time to be in the restaurant, and I’m surprised to found out how great location is. The fresh cool air with an awesome overlooking view was amazing. The 14 TRT Members gathered on a closed function room of the restaurant where intimacy can be felt. A place where you can scream and shout because of unbearable excitement and a good talk about whatnots and a getaway over sumptuous foods Café Lupe has.

Meanwhile, Café Lupe is a grill restaurant that focuses on Mexican and Filipino foods and including Bacolod’s finest dishes in their menu. While having your delicious foods in the restaurant, pleasure to enjoy the view of the overlooking metro which I found romantic during sunset specifically if your special someone is sitting right beside you.

 Classioré accessories, gift certs from TRTs, and gifts from Mr. Carranza

As the party started, everyone’s excited to bring out their gifts for everyone. By the way, thank you to Classioré as well for sponsoring classy and fabulous accessories during our Christmas get together. Also to Mr. Carranza for being generous host that night. After giving gifts through a raffle, we transferred outside where the live band performs. With the upbeat ambiance, we are now ready to party and eat more!

Mexican Platter

We have ordered Mexican Platter, it includes buffalo wings, nachos, jalapeno & burritos for only P1500, Calamares Fritos for P375, good pair/pulutan for a Bucket of Beer which is only P350.

That was a wonderful night, meeting your travel buddies and meeting new ones while enjoying the serene view of the restaurant with succulent dishes. Something that could make your bonding more fun and enjoyable, you could even daydream and plan for your next road trips there ‘coz God’s magnificent creations surrounds you. 

photo by JayL of Blog-ph.

Thank you Mr. Carranza, for being a blessing to us.

 Café Lupe 
267-269 Comoda Ville Penthouse, Sitio Ruhat
Sumulong Highway Mambuagan, 1870 Antipolo, Rizal

T: (02) 512 7829
Opens from Sundays to Saturdays, 8:00am-2:00am

How to get there, please see the map below.


Monday, December 16, 2013

For sale Trader Joe's Cookie Butter! Email me at for orders. :-D


After having hours of rest from my flight from Caticlan to Manila, I headed to Glorietta 3, Makati City to celebrate Christmas with my blogger friends. It was a night of sumptuous dinner and fun chitchat with them. It was more likely having a delicious dinner over a good conversation about their whatnots and whereabouts that can’t be compared to anything else. Plus, the thought of us able to help to the Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) victims through Red Cross Philippines was awesome. 

"Sarap to the bones" Chicken
Pansit Canton
Meanwhile, Max’s Restaurant has been part and still part of Filipino lives. From small to huge celebration, it can’t be complete without the “Sarap to the Bones” meals of Max’s. I must say that it is a MUST for every Filipino’s not just for Victory but also for the time of downtime where Max’s meals only can boost your self-esteem and positive spirits, relate? Yeah?!

We also celebrates Alwin's Birthday! Happy Birthday Alwin! Have a great days ahead! :D
 In line with that, I want to share with you dearies the new Holiday Chocolate Cakes of Max’s Restaurant, chocolate-y goodness in a very affordable price that ranges from P400 - P500 only.

Choco Meringue Delight
Salted Caramel Tableya
Choco Moist
Toffee Torte
I love the Salted Caramel Tableya the most and followed by Chocolate Meringue Delight.

In addition, every family member is sure to marvel at the sight of the most anticipated feast of the season – a sumptuous spread of their favourite dishes: Max's Crispy Pata, Pancit Canton, Sinigang, and Max's sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken. Just thinking about these classic Filipino dishes can definitely make any mouth water! And now, celebrating the Christmas Tradition, Max’s Family–Style with the following holiday packages!

Crispy Pata 4-Sharing
Max's offers the perfect feast for the Noche Buena table as Filipinos get swept into the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Small groups of families and friends celebrating together may sink their teeth into Max's Crispy Pata with its fork-tender goodness for only P399, saving as much as P255. Max's latest 4Sharing spread is delectably satisfying to the palate and light on the budget. Diners get to enjoy Max's Crispy Pata paired with either Sizzling Tofu or Chopsuey steaming rice and washed down with a cool glass of iced tea or any Pepsi soft drink for only P799. Customers may avail these mouthwatering offerings only from Max's from December 1 to 31, 2013.

Holiday Party Package
For Filipinos who are gearing up for a big blast this Christmas, Max's Holiday Party Package fits anybody's food planning requirements to a tee. It is perfect for Christmas gatherings of 10 to 12 guests. Max's is serving 2 whole regular, sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai Cater Tray, a choice of either Pancit Luglug or Pancit Canton Medium Cater Tray, and 12 pieces of Max's Corner Bakery's freshly-baked mini Ensaimadas. Customers may avail of this indulgent package for take-out or delivery, from December 16 to January 5, 2014 for only P2,199 or with P334 worth of savings.

Celebrating at Max’s this Christmas is reliving the different milestones in our lives as we continue to nurture relationships and create new memories with our friends and family. What makes this year's holiday celebration most unique is that, like Max’s Fried Chicken, Filipino Christmas is always family-style.

With the advent of technology, customers may place their orders online by logging on to Max’s official website: For updates like Max’s Restaurant on Facebook.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Howdy Guys and Gals! Here’s good news for all of you! Mang Gerry opened another branch for us to be enticed with the sumptuous all-time favourite Filipino dishes that we always look for, Gerry’s Grill at Eastwood is now open at serving you from 11:00am to 12:00mn. The opening was started with a store blessing by a priest that showered holy water all over the restaurant’s premises. Thus, by doing this, rest assured that everything will be at its finest and with all the best. Mang Gerry is also present to share and of course celebrate another milestone from his life and Gerry’s Grill.

Furthermore, the cosy and relaxing ambiance and interior design of the restaurant is promising. By that, I could even recommend the place for casual meetings and even for business hangouts. Now, Eastwood peeps have an easy access to the delicious meals that only Gerry’s Grill can provide – barbeque, pansit malabon, and the known sisig. So if you’re looking for a better place to bring your barkada and have an awesome time, then most probably Gerry’s Grill is for you! It has a bar counter, dedicated to those who prefer to drink only. Comfortable seats for those who wants to dine and a veranda for those who loves to eat, drink and smoke. See? It is perfect for everyone.

So those who want to chill after work, just to have a comfort food and relax, and looking for some “me-time” then Gerry’s Grill is there for you open from 11:00am to 12mn.

Gerry’s Grill 
3/F City Walk 2, Eastwood City
Quezon City, Philippines
T: (02) 650-2987 

For more info on Gerry's Grill Eastwood as well as their other branches, including menu, promos and updates, check out their official account:


 Since the dawn of civilization, man has always had to deal with questions that have defined his existence – “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” or “Where do we go for lunch?” We're not sure if we can help out with the first two, but we sure can help you guys find a place to eat.

Introducing the brand new design of OpenRice Philippines MobileApp for iOS – with a database of more than 90,000 restaurants and food establishments (and still growing) backed up by 40,000 plus reviews from our community of OpenRicers, we're sure to help you find the best meals and deals in town.

What makes OpenRice app different? Well for starters our app has a quality control measure that ensures that you won't get any one-liners when looking for a place to eat. We require that all reviews have a minimum of 300 characters to encourage more descriptive reviews that'll help you decide if the restaurant you're checking out is a “yay” or a “nay”.

Additionally, the OpenRice app has social media integration that will allow you to share your dining experience on Facebook and Twitter, that way more people will know if the place you ate at was a gastronomic heaven, or a culinary hell. So what're you waiting for? Get the OpenRice Philippines mobile app now and start searching for the best meals in town!

For more information on the new app, click here.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

You have probably heard that detoxification from any kind of addictive substance is a very challenging and dangerous process. If you have a loved one who is considering going through alcohol detox to rid themselves of the addiction, continue reading for more information regarding the challenges of detoxifying, treatment options, and the process.

The Facts
Depending on the addict, withdrawal can start within hours of the last drink they had. It lasts for varying periods of time, up to several weeks. The symptoms are mild or severe, including shakiness or seizures. In severe situations, delirium tremens can occur, which cause death in one to five percent of people. The delirium is very uncomfortable and dangerous, characterized by an increased heart rate and fever. The severity of withdrawal depends on how long the alcohol was being consumed, and on the quantity. To be safe, it is best to get help with the detox process from medical professionals.

The Options
There are many different options for programs managed by professionals. There are hospital-based programs, which include rehabilitation and detoxification. Residential rehabilitation programs are more common. They last for different lengths of time, depending on the addict. Every facility is different in terms of how much the patients are allowed to do, and when they can do those things. Day treatment programs are an option for those with a stable home life. Outpatient programs are helpful for those who need work, and the attendance requirements can vary. Some of these are more intensive, requiring several hours per week for up to a year.

The Process
If you choose a medical environment for alcohol detox, professionals can help manage withdrawal symptoms. Some medications can be administered to taper the addict off of the substance. Medical and psychiatric disorders can also be addressed. Nutritional needs must be addressed professionally since most addicts have been nutritionally deficient for a long time. After being released from these programs, a residential treatment program is recommended for long-term support. This includes counseling individually and in groups. The type of program and the extent of the treatment depend entirely on the needs of the person being treated.


Monday, November 25, 2013

 Did you know that for as low as P50,000 you can be an entrepreneur? Yeah! Stallmart Inc. made it possible. Stallmart Inc. established by the group of experts in 2012 and the brain behind more than 30 years, and still counting, success of Mister Donut. The company was founded to address the growing demand for high-profit-low-investment businesses such as stalls and kiosks. That’s why for as low as P50,000 you can start and run your own business.

Meanwhile, Stallmart Inc. held a bloggers conference few weeks ago and Bubbly Fluffy was one of the invited bloggers to be part of that blog-con. It was an awesome afternoon of learning and motivation on how to put up your own kiosk without any hassle at all as their creative and innovative ideas always comes up with a success. Michelle Pino, Senior Franchising and Key Accounts Operations Manager, shared how interesting and affordable Stallmart’s food carts and kiosks were, on which you can place anywhere – bazaars, events, LRT & MRT stations, malls and even on a street where a huge number of passerby can be seen.

Franchising is a big trend in local entrepreneurship and this is apparent with the influx of different franchise brands in the Philippines. There are quite a few benefits to franchising as opposed to starting a business venture from scratch. First on the list, of course, is name recognition. As seen especially in monopolies such as the food industry wherein numerous players in the market offer generally the same products, consumers tend to gravitate towards brands that are familiar to them.

In light of this, Stallmart recently launched three new food cart brands—ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll, and Little Mexico to help entrepreneurs enter the food cart business.

ThirTea aims to provide the best milk tea experience especially for consumers’ on-the-go, offering pocket-friendly milk variants. Thir-tea because for as low as P35 you can have your fad and thirst-quencher tea, a healthier alternative to coffee. Winter melon and Taro milk tea flavors are also available.

Stallmart Inc. also offers Fold N’ Roll, the New York-style folded pizza version. Now, you can taste the famous folded pizza at a very affordable price and variety of flavors is also available.

 Little Mexico, on the other hand, brings a taste of Mexico through bite-sized tacos, nachos, and burritos which to be launched early next year, drafting it on the first quarter of the year, because as of now, they are still on the food-tasting phase just to ensure that they will provide the best quality taste tacos, nachos and burritos. Just to add, we also tried these and I can say that the salsa was flavorful.  
 Meanwhile, Stallmart’s known and popular food cart like Siomai Central and Tik-Tok are can be seen around the metro.
 Siomai Central food cart has a beautiful design, it was like a temple.

One of the Tik-tok’s food carts is in MRT Ayala Station. So if you notice a long line, well, better to take a look at it as it is not for MRT Tickets but people who wanted to savor Tik-Tok foods where you can have it for as low as P10.

I wish I’m able to enlighten you with how Stallmart Inc. able to provide an affordable food carts and kiosks with high return of investment. 

To date, Stallmart has over 90 franchised stores and continues to add more outlets. For more information, visit or you may reach us at (02) 370-1236 or