Friday, April 26, 2013

#TGIF at Max's Restaurant, Greenbelt 1
It's Friday once again! And where I am earlier? I have been to Max's Restaurant together with blogger friends. Oh boy, I have good news for you from Max's Restaurant and they are:
One, Max’s Offers Mouthwatering Crispy Pata Take Out Treat for only PhP 449! Yay! Max’s offers its classic Crispy Pata dish, cooked fresh and as painstakingly as its famous “sarap to the bones” Fried Chicken to create that distinct crunchy skin and flavorful, tender meat. Thus, your family would experience and taste the ooohhh-someness of Crispy Pata at the convenience of your dining table at home just for only P449. In addition to that, for every Crispy Pata takeout orders, you will also get a FREE 1.5L bottle of Pepsi softdrinks. That is a generous offering from Max’s generating P119 savings for all its customers who will avail Max’s Crispy Pata Take-out Treat.

And two, Max’s Offers a Luxurious Twist to Celebrations, Serves 4Sharing Meals Featuring Kare-kare for only PhP 899. Hooray! Max’s 4Sharing Meals is an exciting dining trend that offers classic Filipino dishes to customers in small groups of 3 to 4. Priced very affordably at PhP 899, diners get value for money with a delectable feast of Max’s mouth-watering Kare-kare, 4 servings  of steaming white rice, any Pepsi softdrink or refreshing iced tea for 4, and Max’s world-famous, sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken that is always cooked to crispy perfection. It is a cool food adventure for gregarious diners and get-together bundle meal to be shared with friends, family and other fellow Max’s aficionados. Just thinking about the delicious spread that will be served every time customers enter Max’s Restaurant for the new Max’s 4Sharing Meals is enough to whet the appetite.

What a day! What else could be better way of spending your Fridays with great friends and good people over a good food at affordable price that Max's has to offers. This is an awesome life, indeed! Therefore, if i were you, I would indulge and share a special take-out feast with Max’s Crispy Pata Take-out Treat or have a sumptuous treat with barkada by having the Kare-kare 4sharing meals.

By the way, customers may place their take-out orders at any Max’s Restaurant nationwide from April 16 to May 31. For most "sarap to the bones" treats from the most loved Filipino brand, visit and like the following accounts:

Website: Max's Chicken 
Facebook Fan Page: Max's Restaurant 

Happy Weeekend!



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last week, April 16, SM Supermarket launched the “Certified” Angus Beef. Good meats such as Angus Beef will be now available from all SM Supermarket near you. Now, you don’t have to pay for an exclusive dining experience at any restaurant because you can have it and cook it the way you want it, whether well-done, medium-rare or half-cooked at the convenience of your home. 

The “Certified” Angus Beef now available at SM Supermarket
Would it be possible? YES! How? Well, it is just simply because SM Supermarket now gives you more reasons to make it your favorite supermarket destination. Aside from offering great selection of items, and providing unbeatable service, it adds to its arsenal a flurry of delectable meats that brings you such fine selections worthy of your exquisite taste. SM brings you the certified Angus Beef. It’s beef known for its first class quality and taste, the simple reason behind perfect steaks, juicy roasts, and great tasting burgers. It guarantees tenderness, juiciness, and extreme satisfaction in every bite which we are looking for a meat. 

In fact, the beef is so good that even people not big on beef would surely notice the difference between Angus and plain regular beef which I also loved to eat and once you try it, I bet, you would probably “beefed-up” and settle for Angus Beef meat. 

The secret is in the structure of its meat. The word “Angus” pertains to a type of cattle native to Angus and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They are hornless cows that are known for having one of the best marbled meats (nice fat layered flesh). The perfect marbling of the Angus beef is the very reason of its superior taste and tenderness. 

To add a little spice on your Angus Beef, SM Supermarket Makati will give FREE imported cheese to choose from such as brie, blue cheese, edamer gouda, mozzarella aromeo, cedar red and cedar white for every kilo of Angus Beef. Better hurry and grab it now and try for yourself. 

The “Certified” Angus Beef now available at SM Supermarket

In addition to that, during the event launched, Chef also shares some ideas on how to cook a sumptuous meal out of Angus Beef and here is one of them – Grilled Angus Beef.

The “Certified” Angus Beef now available at SM Supermarket

The Certified Angus Beef will also be initially available in SM Supermarket Makati and soon in other SM Supermarket branches such as SM Megamall A & B, Baguio, and Naga.
Looks yummy, noh?! Yes it is! By the way, I am happy to know what will you gonna do with your Angus Beef below by commenting below. Love to hear and/or read them and I would surely try it, too!
Happy Eating!


#TGIF at J.Co, Greenbelt 3, J.Co
#TGIF at J.Co, Greenbelt 3

Thanks God It's Friday! Ha-ha. Wow! After a tiring yet fun week at work, finally there is a Friday day that we can celebrate another milestone in our life. Though everyday is a celebration, still, nothing beats Friday!

As usual unplanned getaways, friends and I decided to go to Greenbelt 3 to have a sweet pampering at J.Co. It supposedly four of us but due to uncertain things that happened on that day, Yani have to leave early. But hey, as we wanted to kill our idle time we still pursued our J.Co sweet bonding. (^_^)

We were not bothered with the long line because we already had our comfortable seats inside the shop and we had so much time for waiting. Ha-ha. Talking about life, goals, motivation and inspiration, ex-bfs, happiness and wretchedness, laughing insanely with everyone's crazy stories were some of the best things life has to offer. Good thing, good friends are there to share their nuts. Well, the 3-hours stay was one of the best-est hours of my life.

On the other note, J.Co doughnuts tasted good and sweet but too much of it is not advisable. Why? Aside from the sugar content, it was also "nakakasuya/nakakaumay" (sorry, I can't find the right words to translate this in English) or maybe it's just us. We have ordered half dozen, for the three of us, of assorted doughnuts for P230 so we can taste the different variants, but then, after two hours we noticed that there were still 2 pieces left on which we don't wanted to eat anymore. Or maybe beacuse we paired it with Serenitea Milk Tea :(

So that's it! That was my Friday day. I want to read your stories, too! Just share them via the comment box below.

Have a blessed Sunday!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“Good things come to those who wait.”