Friday, September 27, 2013

My Sister and I love to hang out and do food trips whenever time permits us to do so and most of the time, just hanging around and do restaurant hopping in Trinoma. Why Trinoma? First, it is accessible and near our place, just a tricycle & bus away from home. Second, Ai loves to be there and I don’t know why. Third, it caters a lot of restaurant from fast food to fine dining.

So for this post, let’s have quick food porn at Mango Tree Bistro. Mango Tree Bistro caters authentic Thai cuisines with a casual fine dining cosy ambiance that would surely make their guests and customers feel at home and enjoy the food at its finest!

It was late lunch, thus we preferred for some rice & noodles. We opted to try Khai Pad Gai and spicy stir-fry noodles with chicken (which I already forgot the name of the dish in the menu), Gai Hor Bai Toey (which is not in the photo), mango shakes for our thirst-quencher drinks and mango cheesecake with fresh yellow mango for dessert. Hmmm, mango-addict here. J

Well, the foods were good and succulent. The spicy sauce of the stir-fry noodles was flavourful. Gai Hor Bai Toey was a marinated chicken thigh wrap in pandan leaves serves with tamarind sauce was succulent and way too perfect for the delicious Khai Pad Gai. In line with that, the stylish and sophisticated interiors and atmosphere of the restaurant made our dining experience more pleasurable that we tend to stay a bit longer and just had our time of our life moment as we savour the yummy and mouth-watering Mango Cheesecake. It was heaven!

I probably come back to try other authentic cuisines available in their menu soon and definitely will share it with you guys! That’s it for now, Thank God It’s Friday! Keep safe and dry, darlings!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

 There are some fantastic informational resources available to us thanks to technology and media. In fact, you have probably visited or at least intend to visit a restaurant because you saw it featured on a television show, right? This is just one way to find cafes in East Village, New York. There are a few other things you can do, too! 

Ask Around 

Most likely, you know someone who has visited or lived in New York City. It’s easy to find these people, especially with social networking websites. The best thing to do is contact these people in advance. Let them know when you’ll be visiting and ask if there are any places that you should see and what restaurants you should visit. Usually, local residents have favorite places they like to go and are excited to share these places with visitors. They can even be helpful in suggesting what to order and what to avoid. 

Do Some Research 

The Internet is a great tool. You can find a lot of really great places online that may not have gotten a lot of attention otherwise. With restaurant review websites providing an opportunity for regular people like you to post their ratings and opinions, you can’t go wrong. Check out how many stars they get, or what places are the most popular. Maybe one restaurant is known for its breakfast and another places has great dinner or drinks. A little research and reading can help you figure out what stops will be worth it. Another reason the Internet is great is that so many websites post their hours and menus online. Maybe a restaurant has a high rating but nothing on the menu appeals to you. This way you can avoid unappealing places and enjoy your meals. 

Walk Around 

There is so much to see in the big city that your options seem numerous. One thing to watch for is how busy the cafes in East Village appear to be. Naturally, a long line means it is popular. Walking around can give you a glimpse of the menus outside the windows of the stores, and you can see the public health and safety ratings as well. These things can help you determine how desirable the food sounds to you. Asking a friend, doing your research, and just walking around are all ways to decide on what to eat.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Saturday, September 8, 2013, I was invited to a day of an awesome exciting food and shopping adventure sponsored by The Aristocrat. But I won’t talk much of it ‘coz it deserves to be on my next post, and I wanted to highlight the opening of their 11th branch to serve our kababayan in the Southern Luzon – The Aristocrat SM City Dasmariñas.

  The Aristocrat SM City Dasmariñas 

Good news as they’ve opened their doors to all Caviteños and nearby provinces the nostalgic taste that Filipinos look for that only The Aristocrat can provide. No worries guys ‘coz they’ll still delivered the same old taste of their best seller Barbeque and same with other cuisine because there’s a family member on each restaurant branch to make sure that quality won’t be compromised. That’s also the main reason why to date, there are only 11 branches even though it’s existing for 75 years already.

yeah, i have to include how huge and clean and modest the washroom is.

The fine-dining restaurant that serves affordable sumptuous and flavorful barbeques and dishes are still the number 1 for us, Pinoys! And to hail the grand opening of their 11th branch, Mrs. Priscila Reyes Pacheco, The Aristocrat president, led the ceremony by a ribbon cutting while the Banda Kawayan serenades the guests, more likely a Filipino ambience for festivity which is held at the Upper Ground Floor of the New Annex Wing in SM City Dasmariñas, Cavite City.

A buffet merienda was enjoyed by the guests, and even customers wherein specialties like Arroz Caldo, Tokwa’t Baboy, Pacit Luglog, Dinuguan at Puto and Fresh Lumpiang Ubod were part of the buffet table. Well, my palatable plate contains Pancit Luglog, Dinuguan at Puto, Ensaymada and Lumpiang Ubod.

And of course, halo-halo! Ha-ha.
 this is only a half of the original serving

Well, the foods were so tasteful, the ensaymada was soft and cheesy and moist. The bite size was good for two bites. Perhaps, I can finish a dozen of this ensaymada for just one seat. The puto was also way too perfect for the dinuguan. The way puto should be when it is partnered with dinuguan so you can taste the best of both worlds ‘coz others make their puto more cheesy or more of milky taste thus it is not good when you eat them with dinuguan.
The Aristocrat
Upper Ground Floor of the New Annex Wing
SM City Dasmariñas, Cavite City

It was truly a day of celebration and another milestone The Aristocrat had reached. Aristocrat SM City Dasmariñas accepts bulk orders and reservations. Contact (046) 424-0000. For parties and catering, call Main Office at +632-524-7671 to 80 or visit For delivery, call at +63-894-0000.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

America is a wonderful melting pot of cultures. Nowhere is this seen more brilliantly than in the variety of ethnic restaurants and foods spread across the country. As people from other countries have moved here, many of them decided to earn money doing something that others can’t do for themselves—make traditional meals from their home countries. While this is economically savvy for immigrants, it truly provides a service to those around them. Now people who live in the United States have the option to learn about and experience many other cultures by eating out at a variety places, such as a Mexican restaurant. At these restaurants, the ambience and food combine to give people a small taste of the life and ways of traditional and modern Mexico.

Ambience can be defined as the mood, feeling, or atmosphere of a place or situation. Many restaurants work hard to create a fun, exciting, and pleasant atmosphere for customers. Mexican eatery decorators have a lot to pull from, as the bright colors, pictures, tiles, and artifacts that Mexico is known for are easily used to create positive ambience. Often, restaurants will have fun tiles on the tabletops, pictures of rural Mexico and its inhabitants, and different foods, such as chiles, hanging on the walls. The music in Mexican restaurants adds a lot to the mood and makes the entire experience so wonderful that people always want to go back.

When people think of Mexican food, they often think only as far as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. However, if you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will often find much more variety and spice. Some lesser known, but delicious Mexican dishes are chile rellenos, huevos rancheros, and carne asada. Chile rellenos are chiles stuffed with a variety of foods and always include lots of cheese. Huevos rancheros are eggs served in a traditional Mexican style. They are fried and served over corn tortillas with lots of salsa. Carne asada just means “roasted meat” and is full of flavor and, if prepared well, is moist and tender. These ethnic restaurants offer many choices and help people get a taste of a culture that differs from their own.


Yay! Hooray for today! 1 more day to go and its TGIF once again! No  getaways this coming weekend, so luckily what store for me is one do my backlogs, two clean my closet and three take a rest and what I mean of rest is to sleep all day long! Ha-ha.

Meanwhile, today’s breakfast is composed of the above ingredients – cheese, taco shell, ground beef (cooked), minced white onions, sliced cabbage and salsa. Hm mm… Nachos were scheduled for today’s breakfast! Actually, officemates and I were planning to have these weeks ago thus; excitement arises when finally we were able to have it now! Hooray!

We’ve been googling about the ingredients. Of course, google had a lot of answers to that! But still, having our more “personal” version was heavenly delicious and flavourful! Oh boy, you might be interested on what were our ingredients; I listed them below for future reference. *wink*

(Good for 10-15 persons, Budget: P65/ea)

1 kg Ground Beef (sautéed in garlic, onion, oyster sauce, and some special seasoning for additional taste)
1 whole cabbage, shredded
5 pcs white onions, minced
2 bottle of Tostitos Chunky Salsa (Medium)
3 box of Nachos
1 big box of Eden Cheese (cheese whiz will also do)

Well, that’s it! Tostitos Chunky Salsa is flavourful already that’s why we did not fancy ingredients anymore like jalapeno. By the way, if you are going to make your own, too, to make it more personal with love, please share your ingredients via comment below the post.

Have a fabulous day ahead!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yay! Krispy Kreme has new offerings. Well, I haven’t tasted yet their croughnuts so I am not in when it comes to that. However, My friend Aix had a doughnut cravings a while ago and good thing, I was with here during that times. Well, just got lucky as she treated me with this new offerings from Krispy Kreme – Mars Dougnuts! It also comes in Nutella & Ferrero. Mars was too sweet and more of caramel taste, perfect for your sweet cravings!

Happy Monday!


Monday, September 16, 2013

 McDonald's Meal
What I love about McDonald’s is they also something that can excite its patronage. They have a seasonal offering that runs in a couple of months and then will be back after a year. And for this month, they brought back the Shake Shake Fries that comes in Bbq, Cheese and I know there’s another one which I forgot! A kid in me has come back as doing the shaking of fries before eating. Ha-ha.

From the photo above, I had Shake shake fries in Cheese flavor and McCoke Float, a combo for only P85. I also had additional orange drinks for some cravings.

Happy Monday!