Thursday, October 31, 2013

There are always times where you want to give someone a gift but it simply isn’t reasonable or possible to give them one in person. There are also times you just want to surprise someone close to you with a gift delivered by a professional company. There are many companies, like, that do just this. Many people only consider sending flowers, but there are many other choices available. Here are a few.

You may not think that dinner is an option if you live far away, but consider all of the restaurants that deliver. You don’t actually have to live there to order the food. Many places will let you pay over the phone. How surprised would someone be to have a pre-paid dinner show up on their door step? This can be a great way to show someone you care and are thinking of them.

Gift Certificates
Though this might not be delivered by a professional company, the mail can be delivered right to their door. You don’t have to go to the post office to pay shipping, get a big box, etc. It is an easy gift that anyone can use. It can also be slipped right into a card. It makes it easy and convenient for both you and the recipient. A gift card could show that you are really thinking of them and not just sending simple generic flowers. Get them a card to somewhere they love, or consider a massage or something else relaxing if they need a quick break.

Cookie Baskets
Who doesn’t like sweets arriving on their front door? Instead of sending someone flowers, make a nice gesture by sending some cookies to them. They are much more practical than flowers, and your recipient will be thrilled. You can get a dozen of their favorite cookies, or you can get a cookie basket with an assortment of flavors for them. Places like make it possible for you to send great dessert without worrying about them crumbling on the way. Deliver some cookies and you are sure to deliver some smiles.


Friday, October 18, 2013

New-look Yoshinoya at SM Megamall —Yoshinoya, home of all-time favorite Japanese comfort food in the Philippines, recently held the grand re-opening of its branch located at the ground floor of SM Megamall Building A in Mandaluyong City. The refurbished store sports a simple yet classy look, splashed with colors that reflect the Yoshinoya feel and ambiance. 

The SM Megamall branch is just one of many Yoshinoya outlets currently undergoing refurbishment to cater to the discriminating taste of Filipino Japanese food lovers. Shown in photo during the opening festivities are (from left) Timothy James Yang, Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc. President and General Manager; Kiyoshi Takeuchi, Director, Japan Information and Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan; SM Megamall representatives (3rdand 4thfrom left); Richard Yang; and Ricardo Cepeda, movie actor and aspiring chef.

G/F Bldg A, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If you’re looking for a twist on breakfast or a snack, or if you need a tasty meal to feed to guests at an event you’re hosting, you may want to consider making California crepes. The flexibility of the crepe makes it suitable for just about anything. Following is a little bit about where crepes come from and the variety of ways they can be prepared.

About Crepes
As you may have guessed, these thin and flexible pancakes are very popular in France. They’re typically prepared with flour, eggs, milk, butter, and salt. It is a very thin batter and spreads throughout a round pan. You can roll up just about anything inside of them. Typically, these are made with wheat flour and slightly sweetened when eaten for breakfast. They’re also prepared as a savory dish, using buckwheat flour. The flexibility of crepes makes them good for any time of day or any type of event.

Sweet Crepes
These thin pancakes are eaten as a sweet dish quite often. There is a huge variety of fillings and toppings you can use. For example, Swedish countries often prepare crepes with jam, fruit, or whipped cream. Some are even more basic, using butter, cinnamon, and sugar—akin to eating a soft churro for breakfast or dessert. Other popular sweet fillings include hazelnut spreads, peanut butter, and bananas. Any variety of fruit or fruit sauces can be used as well. You can give these typically chewy dishes a crunch by adding walnuts or almonds.

Savory Crepes
You can also serve California crepes as lunch or dinner. Think of the crepe as a replacement for bread. Common fillings include meat, like ham, chicken, bacon, or turkey. Cheese and eggs are also used frequently, which can be used for any meal of the day. Adding mushrooms, artichoke, spinach, or salsa can add a lot to the dish as well. You can even get more imaginative and create a dish with rice noodles and sesame sauce, giving an Asian twist to your crepe. Simply look online for recipes or look into caterers who serve a broad crepe menu to cater your event.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last month, Aristocrat in cooperation with Openrice, held an event for openricers and foodie bloggers dubbed as “Eat’s a date with Aristocrat.” Of course, yours truly was… present! Thank you Heidie of Openrice for inviting me over a sumptuous breakfast and to a fun and challenging day of eating and shopping. Yeah, you read it right, shopping was included courtesy of course of generous Arictocrat. Well, I’ll talk about the “shopping” portion on my Lifestyle Blog – The Daily Posh. For now, please let me share with you my delectable breakfast. Shall we?

The Aristocrat has been part of so many Filipinos. I can say it simply because families would love to eat here every now and then. Even the balikbayan members of the family always see to it that they would dine it here first before going straight to our home. Well, the The Arictocrat Malate branch which is along Roxas Boulevard is one of the very accessible branches from the airport. Thus, going here straight from arrival is not a hassle at all.

Going back to the event proper, “Eat’s a date with Aristocrat” was an awesome aristocracy experience. As early as 7:00am, Sunday morning, we all headed to The Aristocrat, Malate branch as our meeting place. We had our breakfast there and as I’ve been posting on my Instagram, I started my blessed Sunday morning with a very creamy and yet thick hot chocolate. It was heaven!

Though they’ve recommend their best seller Lola Asyang Adobo, I still prefer to have Beef Tapa Breakfast Meal as the others already ordered that. As a blogger we opted for different meals so we could taste other’s food and of course to have some more food photo. (Please do bear with me as photos in this post were captured using my Samsung Galaxy II.)

My table looked like this! Ohhh.. is it so amazing? Yeah? Well, it did taste so good! As I’ve mentioned a while ago, some had a mixed of longganisa and adobo, bacon and egg, and sandwich and egg omelet.

But it was not just that, we also had a taste of Christmas – Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. These two were so luscious and way too perfect for Christmas, oops... I mean for everyday in-between-meal merienda!

When I think it was over? No, no, no. As we also had this Torta delos Reyes Sansrival covered with chocolate ganache that perfectly satisfies your sweet cravings. It doesn’t have the nakakasawa/umay factor. Plus, the white and milk chocolate that complements the taste of the bittersweet taste of chocolate was mouth-watering. Added to that, the crunchy sansrival made you crave for more. By the way, it is only available in The Aristocrat Bakery, only selected branches have it.

I can’t barely breathe ‘coz of too much eating, thus it is time to walk for a while and have an ocular visit with the newly renovated restaurant. It also has function rooms where parties, business meetings or even a private dinner happens.

Condiments are also available. 

At 10:00 am, we packed up and head over to Laguna to visit the The Aristocrat branch in Ultimart Mall, San Pablo, Laguna and had our lunch (to be posted soon) and did some ultimate shopping challenge at Liliw, Laguna. After that, we went to newly opened 11th branch of the The Aristocrat at SM Dasmarinas, Cavite City (read here) to witness the grand opening and to have delightful merienda.

For more information about The Aristocrat Restaurant, please visit their website.

The Aristocrat Restaurant
432 San Andres Street corner Roxas Boulevard
Malate, Manila City, Philippines

Hotline: (632) 894-0000

*Sponsored post.