Monday, March 31, 2014

Everything Beautiful - Kawayan Too Chairs by Kenneth Cobonpue

 Howdy Dearies! Good news to those who’s working in Makati Central Business District, there’s a new Japanese restaurant opened up, to serve everyone the real goodness of Japanese foods, two weeks ago - Akira, The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki!

Akira Alphaland Makati Place is a franchise store. The 3rd store located in Malugay St.corner Ayala Avenue Extension, Makati City, which is also known as Akira Alphaland Makati Place. Akira AMP is the first restaurant conceptualized by World Renowned Industrial Designer Kenneth Cobonpue. It is collaboration with Gilbert Go, owner and President of Golden PotBelly Pig Corporation who took the Akira Franchise.

The interior of the store is inspired by Al fresco fall in a fall season of Japan with leaves blown by the wind. Kenneth Cobonpue especially designed our chairs called Kawayan Too Chairs to compliment his red Yoda Chairs. These chairs will make you have a comfortable dining experience and a trade mark of Akira: The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki, Alphaland Makati Place branch.

Sashimi, Maki, Sushi, Japanese Rice, Tempura, sumptuous food overload!

There’s also a counter table where teppanyaki dishes are prepared and can be seen with your very eyes. So, if you have any do’s and don’ts’ or wanted to customize your meal, half-cook, crunchy, or even medium rare, then this restaurant is perfectly just for you!

Sake - hot and cold!
colorful cocktails - sex on the beach, Japanese zombie & tequila sunrise

Dining experience is not only limited to food and ambiance, diner’s also have a chance to interact and chat with the restaurant’s chefs. Teppanyaki Chef is Chef Lucky Salcedo and Head Chef is Chef Tom who spent 20 years in Japan. Be prep up with your Nihonggo skill as they also chat with you in Japanese language to really feel the Japan setting. Meanwhile, Yamazaki Friday and Hakushu Saturday are just thematic DJ nights to drive store awareness and traffic. So, here’s a new “after-office” destination to unwind and set free from the stressful days.

Teppanyaki counter! Yeah, cooking in front of you.

They accept reservations for corporate lunches and events. Akira, The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki can also customize menu according to someone’s budget. Seating capacity is from 70 to 120 persons.

My favorites! Fruit Safari Cocktail, Maki, Oysters and the best dessert with cookie made of Belgian chocolate

For inquiries and reservations you may call (+63) 917-706-7328 or email Miguel S. De La Rosa, Marketing Director at

Now, working hard could be not stressful after rewarding yourself with a good food, with a good ambiance in a great location.

I know it’s a bit odd ‘coz it’s only Monday today, but I can’t no longer wait for Friday, it’s
Yamazaki Friday!

Happy Monday, Happy Eating!

AKIRA:  The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki
Budget: P250+ per head
Alphaland Makati Place
Malugay St.corner Ayala Avenue Extension, Makati City
Contact No. (+63) 917-706-7328 
Look for:  Miguel S. De La Rosa


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My favorite station - dessert! @banzai_ph #buffet #japanese #food #foodporn #love

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oyster with Salad for pulutan. Haha. #love #favorite #AkiraAlphaland

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Colorful Cocktails! From left to right: #Sexonthebeach #japanesezombie #tequilasunrise. #AkiraAlphaland #cocktails #tgif

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This is it! Let's start the feast! #AkiraAlphaland

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Akira: The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki. Finally, I'll gonna try this. #sushi #Japanese #AkiraAlphalandv

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gerry’s Union City, CA
Gerry’s Grill Union City in California, USA recently hosted Paint Nite, a new concept of blending two timeless pastimes – artistic painting and drinking cocktails.

Participants show off their masterpieces
with master local artist Kevin Pride (standing, middle).

Paint Nite is about making art accessible to people who don't consider themselves artists or creative in any way. It is about fostering a fun, low stress, non-judgmental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating something from nothing. Gerry’s Grill was the perfect place. We’re glad they hosted us,” says Sean McGrail, general manager of Paint Nite.

Participants show off their artworks

The two-hour painting parties are a two-hour event held in local bistros around the U.S. with at least 25 adult participants in attendance. Absolutely no painting experience is needed; Paint Nite take cares of all supplies - acrylic paint in primary colors and a 16”x 20” canvas.

A master local artist will walk you through step by step during the course of the event - though creativity and individuality are always welcome!” beams McGrail.

While the participants are busy creating their masterpiece, a waiting staff goes around to pick up empty glasses or ask for refills. Paint Nite also has its own mood music, played when the artist is not giving instructions.

At the end of the two hour session your inner Picasso has been unleashed and you get to bring home your own masterpiece,” says McGrail. Paint Nite hopes to embark in an international expansion in the Philippines and Singapore, adds McGrail.

Participants unleash their inner Picasso
at Gerry’s Grill Union City

Gerry’s Grill management said it is open to host their parties in both countries. Overseas, the leading grill restaurant in the Philippines has two branches in Singapore, two in the U.S. and one in Qatar.

Prime Pacific Grill Corporation (PPGC), operator of Gerry’s Grill recently announced the opening 8 more branches during the first half of 2014: Robinson’s Place in Tugegarao, Cagayan; Iligan, Ayala Terraces in Fairview, Quezon City; Meycauyan in Isabela, and Star Mall in Cebu City. Company-owned branches are Fisher Mall in Quezon City, SM Sta Mesa, Manila, and Aseana City in Paranaque.  


Saturday, March 22, 2014

#Day8: Calamansi Muffin, made with LOVE! #100HappyDays #RealCoffee

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Enjoying the view while eating at Mesa Filipino Moderne. #Boracay2014

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For tonight. ♥ #chill #baileys #BoracayMandarin

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Woolworths & Cadbury Chocolates
I love chocolates! Well, I always love to taste different variants of chocolates. These two comes from Australia, from my eldest brother Z, Woolworths’ Almond chocolate and the Limited Edition of Cadbury in Tropical Pineapple, can you taste summer?

Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.” ― Dave Barry



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday!
buffet island
assorted pastries
Ripe and Green Mango Shake
Grilled Lapu-lapu
Green Tea & Cookies and Cream and Green Tea Ice cream
seafood love - Oyster Rockefeller
fresh fruits
Yeah, March 15, 1986 at exactly 3 o’clock in the afternoon, yours truly was born. Thus, today I am celebrating my 28th Birthday! Wooohooo.

I’ve never been to Vikings and I’ve been vocal to P on where I want to eat on my birthday because I haven’t get any chance to be invited on their bloggers’ night or any event that held on this buffet restaurant. Meanwhile, thru P’s research and everything he found out that Vikings SM Megamall was already opened few days ago. And they have an exciting promo – birthday promo! Birthday celebrant will be free with at least 1 paying customer! Perfect! Right then, P reserved our seats for today’s BIG DAY of mine! Thanks P for always making my dream come true. 

Everything I wanted to eat, I ate. From steak to seafood. I almost ate a dozen of Oyster Rockefeller. Tried the grilled Lapu-lapu, Indian cuisines and well, almost everything. A happy tummy indeed! I almost liked everything, watermelon and melon from the fresh fruits counter were not sweet though as well as the ripe mango shake. Maybe because they’re not in season? 

We started our dinner at 6pm and done at 8:30pm. Yes, it was 2 ½ hours of eating, not complaining though. We’re almost done when a group of Vikings staff approached me and sing a Birthday song with that Vikings hat on, love it!

Will I visit again? Surely will. There’s a lot more for me to try.

By the way, weekend dinner rate is P1088, plus .05% service charge. 

Happy 28th Birthday!
P.S. Thank you for all your birthday wishes and prayers, very much appreciated!


Mi Favorito!!! #RockefellerOyster #Vikings #28thBday

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Howdy Foodies! It’s been a while since my last restaurant food adventure. Hectic work schedule and meetings and trainings left and right keeps me insane. I’m not complaining though.

our table
Meanwhile, got an exciting news to share. A found a newly-opened Japanese restaurant located at the 5th level of Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, and last week, Thursday, I with the boyfie had a chance to try it out. Well, I already read raves about their specially crafted 25-layered Katsu, it is KIMUKATSU.

The Yin-Yang inspired menu. White for Girls, Black for Boys
Inside Menu
Kimukatsu is known for its famous pork cutlet in Japan, featured in different popular magazines and TV shows as well, thus, Kimukatsu is one of the hottest lifestyle restaurants to dine in. Well, thank you for bringing this in the Philippines, and for letting Filipinos try the real, authentic and one-of-a-kind Katsu. I’ll talk about it in a short while.

Shredded Cabbage Salad
Miso Soup
We started our dinner with appetizers! The Shredded Cabbage Salad served first, and oh it’s unlimited! Salad lovers will definitely like this the way I did. Topped with a special Japanese Sesame dressing in black or white, this salad is already a hint that awesome and sumptuous dinner could be yours. Next in line, the Miso Soup. They have two options – the white one which has light taste not the usual miso soup, ideal for kids, that other Japanese restaurant offers, I bet they’ll like it and the red one which I liked most because of its spicy kick. 

pickled radish
Ebi Mayo
Negi Tofu
We also had Ebi Mayo and Negi Tofu were simply the best! The soft cold tofu covered with spring onions and sesame oil boosted my appetite to eat more. So, goodbye #diet and #projectsexy for the meantime.

Aside from the individual flavoured Katsu, Kimukatsu also offers 7-Flavor Kimukatsu Assorted Set, which I will strongly recommend if you are visiting the restaurant for the first time. By that, you will taste all the flavours and choose your favourites. Mine was the Fuzu Pepper, it was a bit spicy but bearable and of course, the Cheese Katsu and I guess everyone’s favourite because they runs out labels for cheese. While the boyfie loved the Garlic, Black Pepper and… well almost everything. Ha-ha.

7-Flavors Katsu Platter - Plain, Cheese, Negi Shio,Yuzu Pepper,Ume Shiso, Garlic & Black Pepper
This platter is highly recommended for the group of four or five, perfect for the good times.

the different flavors of Katsu
The secret on their popularity is the combination of a crispy, texture-rich batter surrounding a juicy flavorful 25-layered select pork cutlet. They selected only the highest quality pork, which is sliced thin about 0.5mm or so and stacked into 25 layers. This layered cutlet is covered with fresh breadcrumbs and fried slowly in low temperature for 8 minutes. It is then set vertically for two minutes to steam, allowing the heat to spread evenly inside. This is all a part of our original recipe and process, which helps to bring forth the maximum taste. Mind you, they are the first Japanese restaurant in the Philippines to offer such kind of Katsu.

table setting
All the natural juices are kept inside between the layers and crispy batter – making Kimukatsu
light and fluffy, yet extremely juicy and flavourful. They take great care in making each one of their exquisite cutlet on which I found consistent on each and every flavour of Katsu that we had.

mortar and pestle to grind the pepper. Cute!
The Japanese rice was kept warm because it is served in a traditional Japanese steamer, something like that. And same with shredded cabbage salad, miso soup, Japanese rice is also unlimited.

Japanese Rice
And last but not the least, the desserts! The matcha was good while SoyaCotta was more interesting.

Matcha Ice Cream
Consistency is really the best policy when it comes to a restaurant, the way Kimukatsu does on every dishes that they’re serving, well for the Katsu it does works!

For the interior design of Kimukatsu, it is cosy and not the usual Japanese theme that I’ve seen so far. You will feel the vibe of authentic Japanese restaurant with a Japanese music playing in the background. They also has function rooms that can cater 20+ persons that is ideal for meetings or intimate gatherings or just for plain privacy.

function room
inside Kimukatsu restaurant
And before we ended our dinner, we had Tonkatsu Sandwich for to-go that comes with a cute take out packaging.

Kimukatsu is open during mall hours of Shangri-La Mall from Sundays to Thursdays, 10am -9pm and Fridays to Saturdays, 10am -10pm.

To sum it up, the dinner experience was superb, the foods we ate were scrumptious and above all, all ingredients and things that we used like mortar and pestle were imported from Japan. At Kimukatsu you can feel the vibe of Japan and you can taste and eat what Japanese usually eats. Can't wait to go back and bring my friends there. Have a blessed Sunday! Happy Eating!

Budget: 500+ per head
Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza East Wing
Shaw Boulevard corner EDSA Mandaluyong City
Telephone: (+632) 727-0333

Twitter: @kimukatsuph
Instagram: @kimukatsu_ph