Friday, September 26, 2014

Gerry's Grill new logo
Gerry Apolinario (right), president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Prime Pacific Grill, Corp. (PPGC). operator of Gerry's Grill welcomes Irma Fishing founder Roberto “Bobby” del Rosario (left) to the opening of Gerry’s Grill at the second floor of Fisher Mall
Former child actor Hero Bautista (left), representing his brother Herbert Bautista, mayor of Quezon City, assists Irma Fishing founder Roberto “Bobby” del Rosario (right) in cutting the ribbon during opening activities of Gerry's Grill at the second floor of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.
Filipino restaurant chain Gerry’s continues to expand with the opening of its 69th branch at the second floor level of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. 

It is set to open in four more locations before end of 2014: SM Sta. Mesa, Robinson’s Antipolo, Robinson’s Las Pinas and Aseana in Paranaque City, along with the newly-renovated branch at Ali Mall at the Araneta Center in Quezon City. 
The opening of more Gerry’s branches comes with the challenge of ensuring that we give our customers only the best quality food and excellent service. That maybe a tall order for us but we are committed to satisfy our guests whatever means possible,” says Gerry Apolinario, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Prime Pacific Grill, Corp. (PPGC), operator of Gerry’s Grill.

Gerry’s also recently reopened at the ground floor of Robinson’s Tacloban along Tabuan National Highway nearly a year after the province was struck by Typhoon Yolanda; and in Tuguegarao, Cagayan.   
Gerry's Group of companies recently introduced a new restaurant concept called Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodles Restaurant also located at the upper ground floor level of Fisher Mall.

The restaurant’s menu includes Thai favorites Tom Yum, Chicken Pandan and Pad Thai among others.
Two years ago, Gerry’s introduced Kusina ng Gerry’s a do-it-yourself, fast-casual restaurant which offers meals as low as Php120.

Kusina ng Gerry’s recently opened at San Jose, Del Monte in Bulacan; and has branches at the ground floor level of SM Hypermart in Taguig City and Subic. It is set to open a branch at Starmall Cebu this year.
Filipino restaurant Gerry’s recently refashioned its new branches to a homier, more family-oriented outlet, dropping the word “Grill” from its name. The homegrown brand is also making waves abroad with two branches in the U.S., two in Singapore and one in Qatar.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

 Lock and Lock Introduces its Newest Cookware and Glassware Line 
 Lock & Lock has been helping Filipinos satisfy their love for food with the brand’s iconic airtight containers that provides ease in storing and transporting food. Now, this global brand goes straight to the Filipino home as it launches its own cookware and glassware lines.

Lock & Lock has been known as a brand the offers high-quality food containers that the Filipino family can use. Now, we introduce the CookPlus line and the Lock & Lock Glass line that offers Filipinos a safe, convenient, and healthy way to prepare and present their food,” shared Rafael Chua, President of Lock & Lock Philippines.

The CookPlus and Glass line offers a wide variety of products suited to different cooking and presentation needs. Aside from this, all the products are made of top class materials that promise durability, corrosion-resistance, constant brilliance, and long lasting non-stick coating for its cookware.

More than being made from high quality materials, the cookware and glassware lines were made with user in mind, with each product ensuring the health, safety, and convenience of Filipinos.

The CookPlus line is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) free, which is a man-made chemical not naturally present in the environment. Most non-stick cookware have this chemical for better cooking quality. However, PFOA is transferred from the cookware to food, which puts people’s health at risk. Lock & Lock’s CookPlus line has found an innovative way to remove this chemical from its products while still providing its users quality cooking experience. Aside from being PFOA free, the cookware line is made of high quality ceramic which makes it easier for the product to conduct heat. This allows food to cook at a shorter amount of time and requiring less oil needed for cooking.

The Lock & Lock Glass line on the other hand is made from borosilicate glass. This makes the product durable and able to withstand varying temperatures, allowing Filipinos the convenience to easily transfer food from the freezer to the oven and straight on the dining table, without having to transfer containers.

Lock & Lock’s movement to go beyond containers and offering quality cookware and glassware is our response in recognizing the other food-related needs of Filipinos. Through our products, we not just offer products that are of high quality, but products that can make the cooking and eating experience a more convenient, healthy, and safe event for the Filipino family,” shared Chua.

Meanwhile, during the event there’s a cooking challenge where participants was from the group of the bloggers present during the launch and they were selected via a raffle draw. And the two lucky winners that will showdown their cooking skills in cooking pancakes, frying eggs & bacons were Ruth and Lou. Ha-ha. These two were also not even cooking. Ha-ha.

All in all, it was a fun event with lots of foods and exciting cooking game. Meanwhile, please enjoy these photos captured during the grand launch.

About Lock and Lock
Since the introduction of plastic storage ware, there have been minimal changes in the fundamental design of the container products. There were two major problems with current plastic storage ware, imperfect sealing and difficulty in opening and closing lids. Researchers at Hanacobi (L&L Co., Ltd.) have recognized the problem and after intensive research and development, Lock & Lock was invented. With revolutionary four locking mechanism and a resilient silicon seal, food is kept fresh for longer without having to worry about any leakage. With storage saving design and Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, Lock &Lock is a convenient way to organize any kitchen. Since its launch, Lock &Lock has acquired 1022 patents, trademarks and registration of design in 68 countries and is sold over 110 countries worldwide. Lock & Lock aims to continuously develop quality products that meet and exceed expectations of consumers.


Cavendish & Harvey in Clear Mint, Coffee & Butterscotch. My simple happiness.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Almond Chocolate. Thank you!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sometime last week, I was invited to the SumoSam’s event where enhanced dishes were launched – the better authentic Japanese and more scrumptious dishes. It has almost been nine years ago when SumoSam first opened its doors to the general public at the 6th Floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall by its three founders, Marvin Agustin, Raymund Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico. The concept was to give Manila a taste of Japan without ever having to leave the country, in short, a Japanese food that every Filipino can reach anytime and to satisfy their cravings anytime of the day. A Japanese restaurant with American sized servings, with a wide array of food choices and of course, unwavering energy that instantaneously drew people.

 Today, SumoSam is a constant preferred choice especially among families who enjoy variety and quality food. It has grown to be a part of the customers’ great milestones and precious moments. Many years and 27 branches nationwide later, SumoSam has grown to be one of the largest Japanese chain restaurants in the Philippines.

Whileit has earned for itself quite a stellar reputation; SumoSam constantly changes, aiming to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers. As more Filipinos travel to Japan, they are more exposed to the Japanese culture and to authentic Japanese cuisine. Consequently, diners expect better quality and authenticity when they eat Japanese food in the Philippines.

Responding to this change among customers, SumoSam takes great pride in the transformation of its dishes into works of Art. With the assistance of in-house Japanese chefs, all SumoSam chefs have now been trained with the strictest and proper Japanese cooking techniques and tactics to ensure that all menus has its authentic Japanese taste.

With that said, the heart of SumoSan is to give each customer a genuine taste and a feel of Japan itself. From the preparation of the meal – meticulous and intricate – to the manner in which each dish is served. With SumoSam, every dish is a work of Art. Every dish is a taste of Japan.

For more information about SumoSam, please visit these accounts – Facebook | Instagram.


Monday, September 8, 2014


Nowadays, people are so busy on their daily routines and seems like 24 hours is not already enough for a day. Most of the time, we are in front of our computer – whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones – to make other stuff works efficiently. I admit I am one of those people that, sometimes, have no time to take a break to look and buy for food; where client meetings are left and right.

The moment that I heard about, I know I should try it and see for myself how it connotes the easy peasy online ordering. Albeit, I’m not fond of ordering online using a third party platform because they have an additional charge and it takes longer than the usual whenever someone use it. Thus, I’d rather call the restaurant straight so that I can still save and I can expect that whatever I order, it will arrive on the timeframe provided.

On the other hand, FoodPanda is a great food online platform to deliver your orders straight to your doorstep or office without additional charges and delivery time. More so, it is really time efficient and no more waiting for the other line to respond and verify. All you gonna do is 1.) Enter your Location (City, Street Name or Barangay) 2.) Choose a restaurant 3.) Wait for the food 4.) Pay (you can choose between using your master or visa card or cash on delivery). As for me, I used my credit card for payment so no more hassle, I can just inform them to leave my orders to the receptionist and I’ll just get it there.

To give you more visual representation, please read on.

1. Enter your location. Then click “Find Food Now” button.

location, please?

2. Choose your restaurant (for the below screenshot, I filtered it to Online Payment and Pizza so it Restaurants that offers those are that one that will show up). Then click the “Go To Menu” button.


Once it is clicked, menu will show up. You just have to click “+” button to add your order. On the right side you’ll see Your Order summary and the estimated time of delivery (it’s real-time, so you already have an idea how much you gonna pay). Once done, click “Order” (I am doing a Preorder thus the screenshot shows “Preorder”) to be redirected to next step which is entering your details and payment.

choose your food

3. Enter you details and choose your payment. You have two (2) options – Cash on Delivery or Online Payment. I hope they’ll add Paypal soon. Click "Place Order Now" button.

payment options

Wait for the confirmation.

Order confirmation is through text message and email. Yes, they can have it both so whichever accessible to you, you can’t miss it for sure. By the way, here’s my first order using Yeah, you can see that the service charge remains at P30. Delivery time is 45 minutes but it was delivered in less than 30 minutes.

email confirmation

So now, being busy is not a reason to forget your lunch and indulge yourself on a great comfort food as they also have a wide array of restaurants as their partner such as TGIF, Wendy’s, California Pizza Kitchen and even my favorite Chooks-To-Go.

Probably, I would recommend this site. It’s easy, fast and time efficient. Well, I already suggest this site to my friends and officemates and they like it, too. One of the reasons they told me is that their orders is now 100% right and they saves time in ordering (well, sometimes they have to repeat their orders more than once to be sure but even doing so when it arrived it is not the correct one and no more calling again for follow-up). By the way, they also have promos. Hooray for that!

promos ongoing

P.S. You can also download the FoodPanda app at Google Play & App Store. Furthermore, ordering can be also done thru mobile.

Happy Eaters!

Have a great day! Hmmmmm.… I’m craving for Wendy’s baconator…


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pizza 1954
Rootbeer Float
Chicken & Mojos
Pizza 1954

Finally, I tried this Pizza 1954 of Shakey’s. 

Sometime in July (this was super long overdue but better late than never, ayt?), the boyfriend and I craved for Shakey’s chicken so we agreed to dine at Shakey’s. What we ordered were their famous and my favorite float at far – Rootbeer Float, the 3-pc Chicken with Mojos and two orders of rice. And then, the waitress offers their new Pizza 1954 which priced at P450. Albeit, it’s pricey but I had to try it for me to satisfy my curiosity on what its taste because I’ve seen a lot of lifestyle and food bloggers says it was good upon reading their blogs. Well, let’s see.

Pizza 1954 is an oblong-shaped pizza; I guess it is 10 inches long and 6-7 inches wide. It has only one size. I believe pizzas long time ago was on that shape because they don’t have yet the perfect circle molding. What about the taste? Nothing special aside from the basil leaves on top it, for that price I can buy way better pizza than Pizza 1954. So, I found it pricey having its size and taste, the crust was ok though.

Still, Shakey’s is one of my good-to-go pizza restaurants and whenever that we have a pizza party in our office.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love this combo - @krispykremeph's caramel latte with extra caramel drizzle & new york cheesecake. #pampagising

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